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Where Art Thou My Beloved...Posted by Chip Fitzpatric

Where art thou my beloved, is Jesus asking in vain ? and we answer here I am Lord. He then asks where were you when I called you ?
We answered I was busy trying to get through in this season sorry I missed your call.

We have those times that consume us almost to the point we cant hear our Lord speak to us I know first hand....I have discovered through listening to music that Jesus does in fact talk to us ......for example the song that Kari Jobe sings....I know that you are for me.
He will not forsake us in our weaknesses.... while in our flesh we get caught up in matters that clutter our vision what I mean is this what ever we are going through be it tough or easy we get looking into it ourselves and in a moment it seems we stand alone in our time of trouble and forget that God is always for us and never against us....I just wanted to share this. in Jesus name I ask Father God that you bless and keep us..and that we keep our faith strong in whatever it is that gets in our way to stunt our growth. It is hard to fight against the world alone the ways of the world seductive as they are the temporal things we must Keep our eyes on Jesus....because he said " take my yoke upon you for it is easy" theres nothing in the world that is easy.....Give it all to jesus..lay it at his feet...we are to soar and sing and to praise God in all things especially " Pray about everything "...So I Pray this: Father God Most High I come to you in my time of difficulty and in times of sadness and most of all the times of tryumph...Father touch each one of us and give us your anointing to carry out the great commision....for the harvest is near...Fill our mouth with your words of power and grace that we can bring in those who are lost so that they can be found In Jesus name......God Bless all of you and may his face shine upon you and give you peace and joy in the Holy Ghost Amen.

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Comment by God Is For Us on September 5, 2010 at 5:26am
Thank you Chip for the inspiring message...God Bless you brother : -)

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