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Brother Don Andrews was admitted to St.Peters Hospital in Helena Montana a few days ago. He was diagnosed with a bacterial infection to his heart. One of the complications of the infection was that an embolism disloged from a heart valve, went to his brain and caused a stroke.

As this is being typed Don is being rushed to Billings Montana to have brain surgery. He has a golf ball size embolism, basically it is like a balloon filled with blood where a capilary has weakened and 'ballooned out'. The surgeons are going to attempt to drain the embolism and somehow stabilize the area.

Needless to say this is all very delicate surgery. Please pray for the surgeon's skills, the staff and other physicians to be at their best, pray for them to have God's Inspiration abundantly.

Pray for the family. Don is in his late twenties, they are very concerned.

Even if the surgery goes well he still has to recover from the stroke, which occured on the right brain, as well as deal with the bacterial infection.

Pray as you are led by the Spirit.

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Comment by Mary Ellen Osborn on January 20, 2010 at 11:38pm
Hi Amanda, I put the prayer request for Don and his family on my website too. I figure the more prayer the better. I call the people on my website ningites and prayermeisters. Their prayers are intense.
Mary O.

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