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The Bay of the holy spirit revival A MIRACLE

I have been taunted by the enermy. My faith has almost shiriveled to nothing yet! A still small voice kept trying to talk to me but I ignored it, I listened to Satan when he said god does not love you, your such a bad person god could not love you. I listened to the poison of the enermy I was so foolish.. Some Bahai,s invited me to a meeting but this time the small voice said NO DONT GO how can a believer mix with unbelievers.. This time I listened. Tonight I've watched the Bay of the holy spirit revival feeling lost feeling unloved I watched and listened then the preacher said that someone was being released from demon spirits.. I knew I was that person I felt a shock of electricity shoot through me I knew the enermys grip had been broken. Now I feel lighter and so loved PRAISE GOD IM FREE.. I would recommend the bay it's fantastic.

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Comment by Ruthgods daughter on July 9, 2011 at 8:06am
Thank you brother Mark and sister Vikie for your kind replies, the lord has blessed me in so many ways I was given a larger apartment, furniture that I was going to buy the lord put me in touch with people who was giving the things I needed how wonderfull our lord is. God bless you
Comment by God Is For Us on July 8, 2011 at 9:51pm

My dear sister Ruth. How AMAZING is our God!!! Miracles have been breaking out so quickly lately that i am having a hard time keeping up with the correspondence and Praise Reports and that is a wonderful problem to have : ) !!! I still haven't been able to comment back to you yet on that kind comment that you sent to me yesterday but i will soon.

Ruth, you have been through the fire and are now reaping the harvest of your trust in Father. You have been stubborn and persistant for Him. You love Him and His children and have learned discernment, knowing good from evil and have chosen His Good. The enemy has been persistant in throwing storms up in your life but you have kept your eyes on the Lord...just like Peter did in the fishing boat...he was distracted briefly and began to sink but he was persistant. Peter looked again at Jesus and our Lord gently held Peter's hand and they walked on water back to the boat.  Father has brought you to a point that, through your own free will choices, you have allowed Him to turn what the enemy had intended for evil in your life, God has turned to His Good. Joseph, Jacob's youngest son is a great example of this. Like Joseph, you are now uniquely qualified by your experiences to help others discover the power of God in our lives. I know that you are Blessed because of your Trust in Father through Jesus...and this can only happen through Him because He is the only True, Living God. I feel so blessed to have witnessed your progressive deliverance...and yes, you are now set free : )...just keep doing what you have been doing and hold on! He has mighty work for you to do for His Kingdom! Love in Christ...your brother mark. 

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