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In the past we have discouraged promoting the various Spiritual Gifts Tests because, although many are accurate, many others are not. And, even for the ones who are accurate, they severely lack an in depth analysis of both strengths and weaknesses, and what the Spiritual Gifts mean. For example: Someone who scores high on the Spiritual Gift of 'Prophecy' might assume that means they can automatically 'forth-tell' the future. Although this can be the case, at times, the vast majority of the time the spiritual gift of prophecy, or 'prophesying' means to 'proclaim God's Word', through Scripture--Preaching.

This is the Spiritual Gifts survey that is used by Liberty University, the world's largest Christian University. Among the many other contributions Liberty University has made to Christianity, it was there that the New King James Version of the Holy Bible was translated, and given to the world.


This free survey does a great job of giving you an in depth view of what Spiritual Gifting is, but also how your various Gifts (known as a 'gift set'), interplays with each other to give you a much more focused view of how God put you together in your own unique way.


Another aspect of this survey is that it will give you insight into your potential weaknesses so that they can be worked on. After all, if we concentrate on maturing our weaknesses and turn them into strengths, then our already strong points will naturally improve. We are all works in progress and the process of maturing never ends.

When you are answering the questions remember that no one else is going to see your individual responses or scores, there are no wrong answers. Answer the questions honestly not in the way you think they should be answered.   For example, if asked, “Do you have a consuming passion for the lost?”  Answering “not very often” does not mean that you are a bad person or that you do not care about people coming to know Christ.  It simply means that this is not what consumes you.  It would indicate that your spiritual gift is in another area.


Go to http://www.churchgrowth.org/analysis/intro.php.  Click on the Spiritual Gifts Analysis for INDIVIDUAL USERS and complete the analysis.  

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