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On October 28th, I will be flying to Phoenix Arizona and then riding there to Mexico. I will be going w/ a local Christian TV station called Cornerstone. There will be 14 of us going.  There we will join up w/ a joint effort with Caring Hearts ministries. We will be very busy during the 8 days we will be there. Including and not limited to Village Ministry, Shut in Ministry. Visit Rehab clinics, Visit Churches, Hold or help w/ a woman's conference, Some of the group will be doing Prison Ministry, Painting w/ kids at a local school down there, Saturday Night youth Group or a Gathering at a boys home where we will provide a pizza party, Dump Ministry, feeding program and possibility of a Blind Ministry.  

We also put on Dramas, Evangelism using the wordless book and Give our testimonies. 

The following is a prayer list to kind of go buy while you are praying:

1. Unity among the team members and the Caring hearts ministry team

2. That we will remain humble. 

3. That God will help us show compassion to our team members and to the ones we are ministring to. 

4. That God will bring healing into peoples bodies and lives.

5. That God would bring us divine appointment. 

6. Salvation

7, Communication- Having enough translators

8. Health, Strength for the team, 

9. Travel- God would give us Graces with customs and border patrol. 

10. To be a blessings, 

11. Continued high spirits after we return home 

12. Glorify God. 

Thanks and God bless. Laura. 

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Comment by God Is For Us on September 16, 2016 at 12:17am

God continue to bless you Laura! I am in agreement with all of your prayer points and will continue to pray for you and yours!

Comment by Laura Griffith on September 16, 2016 at 12:14am

Thank you Tammy. Will do. 

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