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 Gail Christie

Please pray for Pastor J and his wife Linda.  Her father passed not to long ago.  A woman that had been assisting her dad has taken it upon her self to sell many of his belongings that he left to his daughter, including vehicles, paintings, collectibles, family items, etc. and has been squatting in the house for over a year without so much as paying the utility bills that are in excess of $1,000 per month in addition to all the other household bills, property taxes, etc., which has left the Pastor and his wonderful wife not only in unfavorable personal financial circumstances, but unable to sell the property, which is three hours away from where they live.  Police would not arrest her as that would have rendered her homeless!  It has become a civil matter.  The court date is this Wednesday.  This has caused the Pastor and his wife who was born deaf anxious and upset.  Linda recently had cochlear implants, gratefully she is hearing for the first time in her life.  Praise God for that!  They should be enjoying the blessings of her being able to hear better and better every week, and having time to remember her father, not dealing with the grief that this former caregiver has brought into their lives.  Please pray as spirit leads you.  Heavenly Father it is the Pastor's prayerful desire that this matter come to a close this Wednesday without any continuances, as this is keeping him from his pastoral and family duties, including his elderly parents who live over 3,000 miles from here, so on and so forth.  Thank you Heavenly Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit for divine intervention with this situation.  Father God you are the only one who knows all the details and we thank you and give all the praise and glory to you.  In Jesus' mighty holy name, Amen

Also please join me in pray for Sister Rose of my local church.  She fell and injured her left elbow and arm, as well as her left knee.  She is in quite a lot of pain, and has a cast on her arm.  Heavenly Father God, we thank you in advance for healing this wonderful lady as only you can.  In Jesus Name, Amen!  Thank you for your prayers, have a great day with abundant blessings.

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Comment by God Is For Us on May 28, 2012 at 8:32pm

Pastor J, Linda and Rose are in my prayers. Thank you for posting this Gail.

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