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Comment by God Is For Us on September 25, 2010 at 6:24pm
We will certainly pray for Gavin and his family sis Gail. Iwe will get this out to the members and on other websites. I see that you are still in chat, we can pray together if you like.
Comment by God Is For Us on September 24, 2010 at 6:15pm
We will continue to pray for Brian, Laura. We will broadcast this to all of our members and on other sites and by email. Love in Christ, Mark.
Comment by Laura Griffith on September 24, 2010 at 10:42am
Please Continue to pray for my friend brian. He has a cancer called Hopskins Lymphomia and they are going to start a weeker verzion of Kemo Theropy today. Thanks. Love in Christ. Laura.
Comment by God Is For Us on September 19, 2010 at 11:11am
All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching. ( 2 Timothy 3:16 )
We encourage each other daily, with fellowship and prayer requests. Seek fellowship from our new brothers and sisters in Christ. Praying for each other, just like Jesus would do here on earth. Leave a message, under comments at the bottom of this page. God Is For Us will broadcast to their members and Bible Study Space will broadcast to their members.
This is from Prayer Angel:
please pray 4 me all u sweet people..schools getting scaryier and scaryier everyday.i have a math teacher dat is relly mean 2 me.and she allways screams at me when i dont know the answer 2 a math problem or if i do something wrong accidently.Her name is emily driver.but we kids call her ms.driver.she is soooo rude 2 me.she's awful in so many ways.please pray dat she will be a nicer teacher.2 not only me,but the other kids.Thank u.
This is from Pastor Charlis:amen pls keep us in our prayers God bless you we need your prayers
This is from Teresa Cagmat Mertens Montejo: ...
My prayer request,That my two nephew will see the glory of God They are focus to the world using drugs and alcohol. I also pray for their mother whos heart is in problem sinced she got married. I also pray for her husband who's alcoholic. i pray for my sister's health and my my poor family. Please Pray for my nieces and nephews that they might walk in the light of Jesus Christ. Pray for my desires to serve God and show me the way to fulfill my goal to help those who are in needs like my poor family and others,and pray all my needs to live with purpose of God.
Please pray to my brother Benjamin's health always have wond in his tangue for a year. The cyst in the right kidny of my younger sister Merlita. I know the prayers of more faithful are stronger.
Thanks! sister in Christ
Teresa Montejo
This is from, M. MARCIS REMINGTON:...
Dear brothers and sisters in CHRIST,

please pray to our father that all my family members will come to your feet and surrender. Also for my family's financial stability. What I want is not more money or assets, but without indebtedness.

Your brother in CHRIST,

N. Marcis Remington
This is from guntagani daniel :...
priase the lord, my name is Daniel from india, rayer for my Church will grow in number of souls, we are praying that God fill all with his spirit and do more miracle works in our church, we are prayer for our city, state and country that God make us win souls for him so please prayer for our church, zion Gospel Church in Hyderabad.
This is from Naomi: and her prayer is for her and her family for salvation and health and her friend at work,Donna for the health of her father and children.
This is from Uche: am confused and dont know what to do. am supposed to be getting married next week and i HIV in my body and its compulsory i and my fiancee run tests before we can wed. i want to get married and have my own family but HIV is about killing that dream. i do not know what to do. i know Jesus has healed me and i confess it but i need your prayers. this is going to bring a lot of shame to me. please pray for me
Genilu Siacor said...
Please pray for my health condition..thanks! u`all appreciated.God bless.
Jenny Hui said...
Rev. Wendy said...
The may blessing of the Lord watch over my household and enable us to all have his healing touch, healing of all kind for my hubbys weakness, for my sight for I have bleeding behind both eyes with much edema. I am asking God to heal me even though I have to go for an injection in my left eye within 6wks. There is no known cause to this I could have gotten it with the last birth of my son in April but I ask for Gods blessing to restore me and restore my hubby. I don't know all the reasons for his aches and pains but ask God to heal him and enable him to provide. I worry there is more to it but really not sure as our togetherness is in battle with satan to destry all we have good. I thank you all for your prayers and uplifting
This is for Matthew Skamser: Had a good prayer meeting with my stepbrother, Rodrick. He was almost killed a couple weeks ago in an assault. Please keep him in your prayers. Pray particularly for 100% sight in his eyes which have gone through multiple surgeries, his mind to function perfectly, no more stress/anxiety, and grace and strength with his court case. Thank you!
This is from:
This is from Kim Frizpatrichk: 
Prayer Request
Please pray for my friend, his brother commited suicide over the weekend. Pray that there family is surrounded by love and guidence, and that they have God in their hearts.

Also, Please pray that my marriage can be lifted up, with the grace of God. As we have been having problems.
Thank you.
Comment by God Is For Us on September 10, 2010 at 3:25pm
Thank you for your posting Gail. You and I have talked about this over the phone since about the first of the year. Thank you for sharing much more of the account with me over time. I agree that it should be published. Please submit your work as the Spirit moves you and we might put it in the book 'I'm A Christian...Now What?'. As you know, the book is being released on the internet, first, free of charge prior to commiting it to print. Several other Pastors, Teachers, Missionaries, writers etc. have already contributed work to the book. You would be in good, Christian company. Love in Christ...mark
Comment by God Is For Us on September 7, 2010 at 3:03pm
Laura we will broadcast this and our prayers will be with Brian and his family and extended family for comfort, peace and healing. Love in Christ...mark
Comment by Laura Griffith on September 7, 2010 at 8:45am
Please pray for my step sisters boyfriend brian. He has been in an ICU unit for a long time w/ congestive heart failure and a mass around and in his lungs and in his chest cavity. He is going in for a Cat scan/ biopsy some time today to see if it is cancerous and what kind of cancer it is. He has had these procedures before but they couldnt come up w/ anything conclusive. and is now fully alert to everything now so he was up all nigh scared. Thanks. Love in christ. Laura

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