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+++Please every true-christian out there lets show the world who we really are in Christ, and lets all stand together not just in this man's life needs, but with everyone's needs out there, in Christ Jesus we give these to you Father, & pray your will be done in every man, woman & child's life who has need of SALVATION & HEALINGS! GOD BLESS EVERYONE { BELIEVER OR UNBELEIVER} FOR THIS IS THE WILL OF THE FATHER IN HEAVEN-
This is from Shawna:Well when it rains it pours... Dad is back in the hospital. He is in cicu. He had a heart rate of 32. He got meds to bring it up. It went to the 40 s and stayed there. He is more than likely getting a pacemaker dr.connelly said. Poor papa has been thru so much, but continues to fight. I love you dad, get better so you can come home....

This is from Brian Storrs: Anyone got an extra kidney that they are willing to trade for sincere gratitude and the knowledge that they could save the life of a fine man??? A good friend who is in complete renal failure is in need! Medical Miracles happen but people like you and i are needed to make these happpen! message me for details. Repost to help Brian Sotrrs, & please contact Jodie Tomi XO Taking care of this right now for this request. Posting this in our broadcast also. Praying for the will of God for that child right now. His will in one's life is so powerful. Leaving link for you asap.{ please repost this everywhere you possibly can,.{ This man's life depends on it}well Jodie, i am worn out.. worried, scared, cry myself to sleep nightly, and still have to deal with hemo. Mom is in LOTS AND LOTS of pain. She has an infection in the pelvic zone. Not sure if its eating off the uterus or not. Or if its j...ust sitting there. She has puss leaking out and things are just up in the air. I am not happy bout it. not at all!!!! So I am freaking out ALL the time, want to keep going up to see her and can't drive there myself like that but have just cause its my MOTHER and I want to be there. So i am, well not sure what word to use to describe me.. im messed up, worried, scared, fearfull, crying, freaked out, jumpy, shaking more and more with tremors getting worse person. so u choose the word, i don't know it. i just can't loose her.. i can't. i can't make it without her. she is my life and family 100%.

This is from Niccloe: :im sick in my body my finances need help and my mind is tired

This if from Chappel Flock: Lee Ford
PRAYER WARRIOR'S:Chuck Dampier, One of my FB buddies, has a Great Neice that was born Tuesday night in Memphis she is having problems with her heart and she needs prayers quick. They are going to have to do open heart surgery on her... today. So if you would plz plz plz re-post this so we can get a prayer chain going...Love and faith heals. REPOSTED FOR A FRIEND!! from Freddie Rooster Roper Taking care of this right now for this request. Posting this in our broadcast also. Praying for the will of God for that child right now. His will in one's life is so powerful. Leaving link for you all
+++This is from Jodie Tomi: Salvation & health prayers for Naomi, Dick, & family & for & for Donna her father who is near death who needs salvation, also Donna & all workers at work they are in need of salvation too.
+++This is from Jodie Tomi: Savation for Tomi family & all their friends- as well as their enemies whoever they may be....
+++ Salvation for our leaders in this country & other parts of the world. Pray without ceasing Jesus said- not just for petetions but for thankgiving, worship, praise, honor, & rebuking the devil, just as Jesus did daily as He was also tempted by the devil while He was here on earth, just daily talking to Him in the back of our minds. Praise His Holy name! Amen
This is from Cheryl: May you all have a blessed day..my people, please remember Devon today as he is going through oral surgery..He is 15 years old and needs prayer..God bless you all!
This is from: At 1:17am on January 25, 2011, Anngrace Asha Taban said...
Pray for our country Sudan as we southerners are looking forward to become an independent country that God will help raising for us leaders for the new born Country.
This is from: At 8:35pm on January 24, 2011, Pastor peter palani said...
My Dear Jodie in Christ,
"May god give you of heaven's dew and of earth's richness an abundance of grain and new wine"(Gene- 27: 28).
Greetings to you in the name of Lord Jesus Christ! I am pastor k.s.peter palani from India By the God grace I am doing small ministries in India. At present I am doing the Ministry by God's faith. I have Orphanage children's home,
Eden orphanage children home 21 children with our home, every month we are facing this problem. The provision of the orphanage children is buying regularly on credit basis, I have no money and no job to me and my sisters now , I not paid tow month provision so the shop manager not give the provision this month please pray for our orphanage children's. Please pray for our needs you also helped our orphanage children's foods.
I don't want to trouble you. So, please pray for us. Every month we are facing this problem. We are praying for the regular support for the children. God showed a way through you. So take decision as you wish.
This is from: Andrus: but ourphan childrens are halfstarving
pleae pra yfor us please inquiry our mission govt of india homeaffairs
- pleae visit our website www.famindia.org
This is from:Carolyn : The relationship between addiction and homelessness is complex and controversial. While rates of alcohol and drug abuse are disproportionately high among the homeless population, the increase in homelessness over the past two decades cannot be explained by addiction alone. Many people who are addicted to alcohol and dr...ugs never become homeless, but people who are poor and addicted are clearly at increased risk of homelessness. Addiction does increase the risk of displacement for the precariously housed; in the absence of appropriate treatment, it may doom one's chances of getting housing once on the streets. Homeless people often face insurmountable barriers to obtaining health care, including addictive disorder treatment services and recovery supports.
This is from :At 1:21am on January 26, 2011, anyanwu eucharia chinyere said...
hello joie how areu, thank you for the love u have shown to,
pls i would like u guys to prayer for me,i discovered a growth in my breast, i have a stronge belive that with prayers it will dry off.i have been praying over it too.
also iam beliving God for a 3 bedroom flate and a car and good business setup
This is from Nira Hugal:http://www.biblestudyspace.com/profile/Nira?xg_source=profiles_memberList sis got a call frm my sis.my bro,his wife,my niece were brought in the hosp.they got an accident,the jeep they are riding.i still dnt knw the whole situation bt pls pray.they said the baby got bruises on her head.everybody is worried
This is from: Andrus:we wanat some needs for bycyles for gospel work our pastors if possible
This is from http://www.biblestudyspace.com/profile/debbiefinley?xg_source=profiles_memberList :Pray for me as I am feeling low and discouraged with my christian weakness and the worries I have for my adult children. I am praying to be uplifted in the LORD so I
can be a better servant to him.
This is from: jeremy: BREAKING NEWS! My mom has been approved to be off for the day of my surgery, her last day of work is the 20th of this month, then doesnt return til the 7th of March. PRAISE THE LORD!!!! continue please to remember in prayers. Thank you!! God bless you!!!!

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