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Please pray, as the Holy Spirit leads you (Romans 8:26-31), for Father's precious daughter Stacey. We do not know the details, but the Holy Spirit does. Pray that Father visits her, comforts her, and guides her. Pray that her heart will be open to receiving His wisdom, His strength, courage, safety, provision, and protection. We all need Him, and each other. Thank you who have counseled with Stacey. We love to see one another blossom as God works in us, through our best Friend Jesus. Pray for those who have injured her, that they might also know the truth and fulfillment in He Who is the Way, the Truth, and the Light. God's supernatural blessings are available to all who believe in our Savior Jesus.

Stacey, know that you have a world-wide Christian family, known as the Body of Christ. It is not just this one website. It is not just one Christian denomination--believers in Jesus have billions of family members, throughout the planet. We always encourage our members to find a local, loving Christian congregation, a local Christian family. Thank you Stacey for your presence in chat this afternoon. You have been a blessing to each of us. If you let Him, God will use you to help others along your journey with Him. Just as He did with Joseph, the son of Jacob (Genesis chapters 29-50), Father will turn any evil that others perpetrate against us into mighty, powerful good--that is what He does.

God continue to bless each of us as we continue to be a blessing to one another.


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Comment by Laura Griffith on March 23, 2013 at 8:37pm


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