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Ruthgods daughter Ruthgods daughter I ask for prayer to help me with flashbacks and panic attacks I have long history of abuse, I live alone and as lonely as I get I don't want a relationship with a man. I know that there maybe nice me
but I just am to scared and feel I am too damaged, I have been in hospital my lungs are scarred and I've had serious lung complaint so with both the Lungs being damaged and the flashbacks ect I cannot cope ruthgoddaughter

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Comment by Rev. Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks, PsyD on November 26, 2011 at 2:33am
Be encouraged Ruthgoddaughter!!! God is with you!! Here is a teaching I did on loneliness: http://storage.ning.com/topology/rest/1.0/file/get/1978230505?profi...

Study it and ask God to help you. You need God to deliver you and restore you; you can not do it without Him-I know. I was really messed up and I had to go through deliverance at my church, then God restored me. You cannot be restored without first being delivered. I would suggest that you contact a local church and ask for someone pray with you for deliverance if you do not have one; this is something you cannot do by yourself. I went to counseling until God delivered me. Even now when I feel those triggers trying to come I have a counselor I call. If you want me to give you the info I will; they counsel with you over the phone. You can call me at 352-406-2209. Call me later today - I am on Eastern time. Dr Hooks

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