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         Please know that what I am about to say surprises and humbles me more than I can express in the natural. And it would take God’s Hands and many miracles to be successful in the venture. All we can ever do is pray for His Guidance (Romans 8:26-31) and trust Him completely. Please continue to intercede for me regarding His Guidance.

         I received a knock on my door today. It was an old friend, Ron Lassle. Ron is running for Governor of the State of Montana this November. As some of you know Ron asked me to be his running mate as Lieutenant Gov. last year. We have been praying over this for a very long time. Ron needed a decision today. I accepted his proposal. We are meeting at the Capitol this Wed. at 1:30pm to sign the paperwork and to hold our first press conference together.

         I am reminded of several Scriptures as I write this and ask for your prayers: The first one is in 1 Corinthians 1:23-27 where Paul talks about how God raises the fools of the world (foolish by the world's standards) in order to confound the wise ones of the world. The Lord knows how much I detest the thought of becoming involved in politics again and He also knows that I will be faithful to Him in the calling. It is interesting that I recently took a vow of poverty, to never again own a home, expensive cars or have a lavish life style. Everything belongs to Him any way…I believe that the less we want for ourselves, the more He gives us stewardship over.

         I am also reminded of Psalm 94:12-15 where it speaks of being instructed by God and the rewards of following His Ways. Also in 1 Timothy 2:1-2 Paul tells us to pray for those in authority. Ron is a Believer and we have sat in Spiritual Counsel many, many times. Please continue to pray for God’s Guidance, His Will for Ron and for us as a team. If our bid for election is successful then it certainly would have to have Father’s finger prints all over the effort. God continue to bless each and everyone of you in our little family.

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