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Chorus: Prayer is the key, To talk to the Lord. Are you burden with lifes problems and you dont know what to do. Just cry out to Jesus. He will never let you down. 
Verse 1: Prayer is the key, to a ministers ministry. Do you feel like your holding the worlds problems in your hands? Just take it to Jesus and he will carry it for you. 
Verse 2: Did your burden or compassion seem to go so dry. Just ask the Lord to give you a fresh fire inside. For its on your knees were your vision becomes reality. 
Written by: The Holy Spirit through Laura Griffith 
Music by: HolY Spirit and Sarah Hoover

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Comment by God Is For Us on February 22, 2016 at 3:59pm

Thank you for this Laura!  Any chance we can hear it w/music?  Please keep writing as the Holy Spirit moves you!!!

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