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We just had another snow, and boy was it treacherous to drive in. I was in BG, and knew it was snowing, but had not looked out to see that it was really sticking and accumulting. When i did start home, I was already in trouble.
God rescued me twice that day.. praise his name. MY truck went into a spin on Scotts. road, and it made two complete circles, while all i could do was say... Jesus... Jesus... as it was completely out of my control.. there were cars coming behind me, and they must have had quiet a show... when the vehilce came to a stop, I was still on the road, had not hit the ditch, nor any of the signposts, neither did any of the cars behind me, hit me. I was so very greatful, and it made quiet an impact upon Russell ( a friend) , as he was with me.
After that, I Knew that I still had to get up the big hill before you get to my house, so i kept praying, Lord, please help me to get home. Nothing had been done to my road, by the state people, and if the snow had not been so very slick, I might have made it, however, I got 2/3 the way up, and started sliding. I was hugging the inside, so that if i did get in trouble, I could go off the road, and not hurt anything, and that is what I did, perhaps my faith was not strong enough to see me over the top. But, God did help me. One of my neighbors.. the only vehicle moving on the road, and the only one, that had a tractor big enough and strong enough, and 4 wheel drive, which was able to pull me over the top.... I know this was Gods provision, as this man had no reason to be out in this kind of weather. So I give God all the praise, honor and glory, for taking care of me....both times.
During the spinning incident, there was a song on the radio, that was playing, and it was saying, jesus is all you need......and he is.
Praise God...

Also, a friend was praying for a young woman in her family who was pregnant, and only 31 years old. This woman ran into difficulty, and it got worse and worse, to the point that the drs. asked that the family be called in, because her condition was so severe they said there was nothing they could do. It was something about C-diff in her body, along with complications, but, prayer went up...and God brought her home... PRAISE HIS NAME...... SHE WAS BROUGHT BACK FROM HEADING FOR DEATH. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY. AMEN

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Comment by Laura Griffith on January 22, 2011 at 4:28pm
Praise You Father. Glory be to ure name Jesus for protecting her.

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