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Praise Report Pastor Michael Petit - Prayer Request Pastor Rick Emery

This came from Laura Griffith:

Praise Report Pastor Michael Petit: Several days ago we put out a Prayer Request for Pastor/Teacher, Founder and President of a Bible college in the Philippines. Pastor Petit, and his wife (both from Pennsylvania), have been working in the Philippines for many years.  Pastor Petit collapsed of a heart attack precipitate by pneumonia.  He was not able to travel to the U.S. and presented in critical condition at a local hospital.  He underwent tests in Manila (they thought he might have one or more heart blockages).

At one point his kidneys were failing. He is now back, at home, in the U.S.!

There will be further medical tests as he is still retaining water in his legs but, thank God, the Doctors say he is out of imminent danger and should be fine, his kidneys and heart are both functioning normally!


Prayer Request: Pastor/Evangelist Rick Emery: Pastor/Evangelist Rick Emory is also from Pennsylvania.  He and his wife have been serving in Haiti for many years.  Pastor Emery recently suffered a heart attack, which he survived but is still suffering from heart arrhythmia and, most likely, will need a pacemaker.  He and his wife are both back home in the U.S.  Please pray as the Holy Spirit moves you.


Thank you!

Mark Diaz


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