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Praise Report by Laura Griffith

I just want to thank God for protecting one of our missionary couples; here is their testimony: For those of you who have been thinking and praying for this missionary couple (in order to protect their identity names are not needed, Father knows the details) here is an update on their situation: There is a long strip of road that has been the section of most of their encounters with the local drug traffickers, as was the case earlier today. It was the worst encounter, in fact, they've ever had. I am not with them and don't know every detail but I will tell you what I do know.

As they were driving along around noon time, one of the drug cartel’s cars pulled them over. The funds that the missionary couple need to make this trip are very limited and the missionary brother was not about to get robbed again. A couple of the drug men had machine guns ready to go in their hands and one of them fired his as a signal to the brother… (Skipping a few details).

The brother ended up jumping out of the van and preaching and testifying to all of those men of how the Lord has called him to preach to the lost in this country and to save sinners like them. Though they could have simply mowed our brother down right in the street, the men from the drug cartel jumped in their vehicles and drove off! Praise be to the Omnipotent GOD!!!


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