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Praise Report- Brians Family and Black Lab

Orginal Prayer Request:

Please pray for Rose. She has been struggling w/ the passing of Brian. I know her siblings and mom also must be. Its going to take awhile. Also please pray that they will be able to find a good home for Brians Black Lab.

Praise Report: Rose was able to find Brians black lab a really good home today. She keeps saying that she dont think she had could ever found a better home for him. Praise Father God. Also I know i have in the past the God would rich out to Brians boys and help them get in a good church. Brians youngest boy went to church Yesterday along w/ his girlfriend. This is a big step for him. I was so happy cause he has not been in church very much but did go when he was in military training. but since he has been stationed out in Cali. has not been able to. Please pray that he might be able to continue to go. I dont know if he is back in Cali. yet but is supposed to soon. Thanks and God bless. Laura.

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Comment by God Is For Us on March 5, 2012 at 8:39pm

I know that Brian is dancing right now--his healing is complete and Father is working in Brian's family. Thank you Father God and thank you Laura for posting this. Love in Christ, Mark

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