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I originally wrote this as a letter of encouragement to Ruth Godsdaughter...but it was too long for her 'comments' section on her page..so I'm blogging it instead...lol...wordy preachers ha:

Dear Ruth:

I woke up early one morning about three years ago. My life had suddenly changed. Everyone I cherished had been lost in a storm.

My wonderful wife of nearly ten years, 3 sons, one daughter, my wife’s parents, and brother, my mother, my only sibling (brother), his wife and their 2 sons…all gone at once.

In addition the storm destroyed 3 luxury investment homes, our personal home and my thriving, very lucrative business. I was left, I thought, without anyone or anything. I was 55years of age, homeless, beat up, broken emotionally, physically and Spiritually.

I cried the deepest, most painful tears that I had ever experienced…for four straight months. I couldn’t eat. I went 21 days without any solid food…only water and a half gallon of apple juice was all that I could force on myself. I lost 35 pounds in 21 days.

Then I developed early stages of prostrate cancer.

I turned to God. He had been calling me since early childhood to a full time ministry. It was time that I pay attention.

In my broken prayers, for what seemed to be an eternity, I asked Him to let me watch Him at His Work…and then write and report on it. Specifically I wanted to know that miracles really do still happen. I knew that it was a proper prayer because God never says no to anyone who asks for a job to do. He has individually custom designed, AMAZING jobs for us all…and I knew that watching His miracles was a sure way to build my own faith. I also knew that money could not be a motivator, that He would provide all the tools and teach me how to use them.

And so began my journey, my personal journey, with Him…and it has been very interesting lol…never a dull moment ha : -) He has a life just as fulfilling for each of His children, all we have to do is ask and then obey without question…pure trust at work.

I’m looking forward to talking to you, in the next couple of days…please send me a time (my time) to call you so we don’t end up burning the minutes on phone tag : -) Any time after 2pm Tues-Friday…or anytime Sat., Sun., Monday.

Love in Christ…mark

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Comment by Ruthgods daughter on November 13, 2010 at 2:05am
I just hope that a friend who knew me when I was over there don't phone she is a great person but as we say in England she could talk the hind legs of a donkey! Btw I never understood how that can happen nah! I'm not going there it's too early in the morning lol my old brain couldent cope lol lol just thinking what's your time zone eastern standard central standard man I get confused with the zones :-@ Ruth
Comment by Ruthgods daughter on November 13, 2010 at 1:15am
Well.. I am almost speechless my that must of been horrific to loose EVERYBODY like that I read your story I bawled like a baby yes I felt the pain can a person do that? I've lost family through natural death or illness which is bad enough but too loose everyone I'm not suprised you went into starvation mode and deep grief and to be faced with prostate trouble sheesh it's odd isn't it when we as human beings go through trauma it almost always knocks us for six ( to quote a British saying) that saying means it makes your body sick your heart and soul sick I know what you mean I've gone into starvation too hey I may get a figure like Marilyn munroe ( yeah ok i know lol lol I can dream imagine a 63 year old Norma jean aka marilyn munroe lol nah on second thoughts don't think I will it would put me off my dinner ( that's example of my humour hope it's cheered you I do tend to do that the make a person smile if they are upset ) if I don't do that I react like it's me that's been through it well my friend and brother your welcome to phone about 5 pm that should be ok hopefully that should work Ruth

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