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Have you ever realized just how wonderfull the lord is he cries when we are hurt, he sends the holy spirit ohh holy spirit so gentle, so loving, soft as a feather yet so powerfull that we can talk in tongues that is do different, we can listen and translate the holy spirit which is sent by the lord can also heal, I myself can testify to that, all I know is deep inside I feel drawn to the holy spirits leading me to care for others it could be something as simple as working in a soup kitchen. I'm sorry if I've digressed but the lord does not like to see us in pain he is the ultimate father caring loving he feels our pain, he rejoyces when we are happy, when we go astray he shows us by the prompting of his spirit. What father would sacrifice his son for us that we would be forgiven? Our heavenly father did just that our beloved Jesus gave his life shedding his precious blood to wash us clean ohh what a wonderfull lord we have...

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Comment by God Is For Us on March 17, 2011 at 8:01pm
God uses what the enemy intended for evil as good. Our our experiences, even the painful ones, uniquely equipt us to help heal others, bring them to our Lord and carry on God's Work. God Bless you sis Ruth!!! I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!! : )

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