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Fridays are mostly a busy day for me. In the middle east Friday is our weekly off.I was busy in getting ready for the Holy Communion service. Church is around  8 km from my house. 10 minutes drive if there is no traffic. I switched on the car but it did not start. Tried two or three times but could not start it. Oh my God, I am getting late. It is hot and humid outside as the month of august is hot and humid as temperature sores above 45 C and humidity more than 60%. One of the mechanic saw this and asked me " What happened"??. I informed him my car is not starting. He told me to open the bonnet and checked the battery and told me that " Did u keep  the light on whole night". I told him no. "When the car did not start, the first thing i checked was whether the lights are on". He told me that the battery is dead. I called my wife and if she could get the jumper cables from the store room. I got the cables and got  the help from the garage guy to start the car. The car got started and i drove very fast to attend the service. After the service, i came out and again started the car but couldn't. I kept the car there and went to attend the second service. Lord helped me to preach there. The message was  'Crossing Jordan'. Holy Spirit moved in the meeting and there was great deliverance in the meeting. After the meeting i informed my fellow believers that my car battery is dead. "Could you charge my car battery to get it start, i have got the jumper cable".. They told me we are going to pray for your car battery and we are going to ask Lord to recharge the car battery. I thought this is  really crazy. I just looked at my fellow brothers and they  were serious. My vehicle was lying near to the main road. They asked " Where is your car". I just showed them. They went near to the car and placed their hand on the bonnet and prayed. " Lord Jesus, Please charge this car battery as you know that this brother has to attend more church meetings to preach your word". They just prayed a simple prayer and asked me to start the car. The car did not start.Two,three times i tried but could not. I told them "Bring your car here for charging". One of my close friend, fellow believer told me" Brother let me try for you".  He jumped into the driver seat and turned the key. The car got started. I asked him " How did u start the car". He told me " Do you feel that I have new techniques to start the car, we prayed and God replied". We all thanked God and went away. I drove back  for another meeting. As i was driving, i asked Lord to forgive my unbelief. Lord told me that the unbelief is the greatest hindrance for receiving a miracle from God. Later i started the car with the same battery twice. Tomorrow, i will go to the company garage to get a new one but God's help is always there during our necessities. God's miracles are always available for us if you believe.

John 11: 40 Jesus said unto her," Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God"

This may be a simple thing but it really counts to boost up our faith in Lord Jesus Christ.

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Comment by God Is For Us on August 30, 2013 at 4:20pm

Amen Shynu! Yes, unbelief is a hindrance, as is unforgiveness. I think this is a great example of why believers need each other. When my faith is weak others are around to encourage me. All of the first century Christians had their moments of weakness; Peter when he denied Jesus three times, for example. But ultimately God's Grace, His Patience, and Love work to fill in the gaps. All things work together for good, and in our weakness He manifests His strength. God continue to bless you and yours Shynu! Again, thank you so much for your powerful prayers in my regard!

Your brother in Christ,


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