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Montana Code Annotated 2011

     20-7-112. Sectarian publications prohibited and prayer permitted. A publication of a sectarian or denominational character may not be distributed in any school. Instruction may not be given advocating sectarian or denominational doctrines. However, any teacher, principal, or superintendent may open the school day with a prayer. This section does not prohibit a school library from including the Bible or other religious material having cultural, historical, or educational significance.

Provided by Montana Legislative services 

     History: En. 75-7521 by Sec. 392, Ch. 5, L. 1971; R.C.M. 1947, 75-7521; amd. Sec. 1, Ch. 367, L. 1989.


Prayer in School is NOT illegal. In fact it is illegal for anyone to try and stop you!

The truth is that it is illegal to try and stop you and your children from participating in organized prayer and worship—as long as a few simple guidelines are followed. Parents or any other adults can certainly organize the daily prayer groups. In order to simplify the process, we suggest that you do this during non-instructional time, i.e. before school, after school or at lunch time. The case law is cited below but it boils down to one simple fact: God has made it easy to worship at school. We don’t have to make new laws or fight the legal system, all we have to do is show up! We don’t have to form committees or make new laws—all we have to do is simply love God enough to worship Him at home, at school, at work—anywhere He is and He is everywhere. All He has ever wanted is a personal relationship with us, as individuals--it is impossible to have a relationship with someone without talking (and listening) to them. 10 minutes per day--at school--praying with your children--compared to the 1,440 minutes that He gives us each day--is but a mustard seed.

Prayer In School - Federal Legal Guidelines: http://godisforus.ning.com/profiles/blogs/legal-guidelines-for-pray...

             How important is history to the average person today? What kinds of things should cause us to develop an interest in the past? Our nation has become complacent regarding our history regarding the tremendous influence God had in establishing and blessing our nation from our beginnings. According to David Barton, in his critically acclaimed DVD America’s Godly Heritage: Wall builders (1995) Barton documents that the majority of our founding fathers were orthodox Christians, and many of them were evangelical Christians. I am limited on space here so I will point to just a few examples of this: George Washington, at the age of 23, during the French and Indian war, was shot four times with musket balls that penetrated his jacket but the bullets did not break his skin. Washington gave direct praise to God for this miraculous event. Decades later, in his farewell speech, after serving two terms as our first President--Washington gave a prophetic message to our nation that if we ever turn from our Godly roots our nation would loose God’s favor and it would be our ruin. Our Constitution grew out of many Scriptural principles. One example is that our three branches of government were established according to Isaiah 33:22. The entire meaning of what we know as the phrase “Separation of church and state” was never meant to exclude Scriptural teaching from government or in Schools. It was intended to keep a single Christian denomination from ruling our nation as this would cause divisiveness in the Body of Christ and in our nation. For nearly two hundred years our nation flourished under God’s protection and blessings. Then in the early 1960s with a nation that was 97% Christian, the remaining 3% of liberal (enemy inspired) demagogues hijacked our judicial system via the radical and liberal Supreme Court. In a series of rulings that had no basis in legal precedence and in complete violation of separation of our three branches of government—the Supreme Court began to legislate law from the bench. They effectively usurped, with impunity, the Legislative branch and made themselves lawmakers. Without consulting the will of the people (through election), they banned prayer in school—they effectively ejected our God from His own favored nation—and we the people were asleep. Mr. Barton, and others whom I will cite later, have done an inspired and anointed job of showing us the way back to His favor in these perilous times (2 Chronicles 7:14; Revelation 3:20). The importance of understanding our history, will determine our future—be it prosperous or calamitous—God will do His part if we do ours. We are being reserved for either judgment or revival (an awakening), it is our choice as a nation.

               What kinds of things should cause us to develop an interest in the past?  I would point out that, as a result of our complacency, our nation has turned from the very source from Whom our ideas and ideals were originally inspired and consequently blessed. In a series of clear dreams and visions, over the last 3 1/2 years, Father has placed a Jeremiah burden on me (and probably countless others) to get one message and one solution across—and when I say that God burdened me, I do not say this lightly—many people say “God told me this or God told me that”  to the point of devaluing the word of knowledge—but I realize that I am treading on sacred ground when I speak of these things and I take that burden very seriously. He has burdened us with a vision of our future. If we turn back to Him as a nation, we will regain His protection, prosperity and blessings—if not, then we will experience His continued lack of protection and blessings of prosperity. We have grieved Him so terribly that He will allow the enemy to cause calamities that that will make the 9/11/2001 terrorists attacks and the recent hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters appear insignificant in comparison. For further research on this subject I recommend Pastor Jonathan Cahn’s anointed study, The Harbinger (2012). In this book he documents a resounding message that we need to turn back to God and he gives clear documentation, through Scripture, that the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks were a warning for us to not go the way of ancient Israel. I also recommend the natgeotv.com documentary, Super Volcano , USA Today’s article Electromagnetic pulse impact far and wide (2010) for just a taste of the man made and natural disasters that will occur if we continue to turn our backs on God. Without a shred of doubt, the attacks of September 11, 2001, the severe natural disasters, along with the current global economic meltdown are wake up calls, from God, for us--and are exactly the kinds of things that should cause us to develop an interest in the past, so that we will take positive action by turning back to God as a nation--that is the only thing that can save us as  God's favored modern day nation.

             The good news is that Father has always provided warnings prior to His final judgments. He has given me (and many others) a clear vision that if we begin by placing Jesus, through prayer, back into our schools He will use this nation as we were intended—as a witness to Him. He will use us for revival--another great awakening--if we simply return to prayer in our schools. And, thanks to relatively recent Supreme Court rulings, it is now not only our legal right to pray in school but it is illegal for anyone to try and stop us from praying in school  in the United States. “If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will forgive their sin and heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14, NKJV). We are at a point in hystory that we must put aside our denominational differences and focus on the one foundation in Whom we can all agree--His name is Jesus and He is knocking--for your own sake and for the sake of your children and for generations to come--get Him back into our schools!

Please do your part. Begin now by simply taking an extra 15 minutes per day to pray, at school, with your children either before school, at lunch time, or after school. God has promissed that if we do that, if we set aside our denominational differences He will clog the liberal news media with reports of miracles--signs and wonders--on a scale, nationwide, that cannot be denied. His Dunamis Holy Spirit power will sweep through our nation--if we fail to do this one small thing, on a daily basis, then the alternative is unimaginable.

The bottom line is--do you love Jesus enough to get to school 15 minutes early to pray with your children?

Prayer In School: Legal Guidelines: http://godisforus.ning.com/profiles/blogs/legal-guidelines-for-pray...

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