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How can God be in charge when some rulers are such tyrants?

How can God be in charge when some rulers are such tyrants?

The king's heart is like a stream of water directed by the Lord; he turns it wherever he pleases.

Proverbs 21:1 NLT

God's authority

God rules his creation. Nothing is outside his authority—not even the leaders of the nations and kingdoms of this world. No person is placed in a position of power outside of God's will. This can be a great comfort when we see leaders take over in various places, especially leaders with whom we do not agree.

So what does this mean for the cruel tyrants of the world? It means that they too are under God's authority. Satan may author their evil acts, but their wrongdoing can only occur within the boundaries God sets. Why those boundaries are where they are for some nations is a question only God can answer. But we can rest assured that no power is in authority outside of God's plan. God always accomplishes his will, even through the most wicked leaders. God is always the final authority.

WISE WAYS How will you pray today for the leaders of your country, as well as for leaders around the world?

Today, Lord, may I trust that you are the sovereign authority over all that happens in my nation. May I trust you, even as I work on your behalf in Jesus name we pray amen

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Comment by God Is For Us on February 18, 2010 at 3:42pm
Amen and Amen...His Will IS DONE! Well put sister Wells. It is so important that we all always remember that everything is in His Will, His way, His Time and His Plan. This message was impressed upon me by an African Missionary brother. Our Journey Group had just finished watching videos of a church plant in Kenya. We were asking questions about the mission. Ralfh Ugo, the Missionary brother, is known for being blunt. I asked him "What is the mortality rate there?" He said 4 words that spoke volumes: "GOD'S RESPONSIBILITY, NOT MINE." God bless you and all you do for our God and His children...Please continue writing this caliber of message. Love in Christ...mark

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