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Right now , at this moment in human history (for such a time as this) hundreds of millions of people are terrified of what they perceive to be a bleak future.  These are real fears not unfounded, paranoiac fears.  These terrified souls have reasonable, rational reasons for being afraid (in the natural).

So, we pray for God's Will, Wisdom, and Guidance (the Mind of Christ).

And thank Him for His Love, Grace and Mercy.

(1) Father God purposefully designed us humans to turn to Him when we are in trouble (there are no atheists in fox holes).

(2) Right now there are hundreds of millions of His children crying out for mercy.

(3) Father God wants none should perish but have everlasting life through what Jesus has done.

(4) The human free will is always the deciding factor.  God will never impose His Will on any human--that would make Him a Spiritual Rapist, although some of us are prideful enough and hard-headed enough that we need a Nebuchadnezzar moment or maybe an Saul of Tarsus moment (road to Damascus) or a Jonah experience in order for God to get our attention and then realize we cannot do this thing called life without Him. We are not in control. His heart is aching for His many estranged children and desperately wants to bring the best out in us all--and He will if we are willing to simply trust Him and get out of His way. . 

(5) Father God will never abandon us but we can certainly choose to push Him away and select a self-destructive path away from Him.

For those who humble their selves before Him and choose Father God, through Christ (the Way), God will always reveal Himself.

(6) Right now, we are at the beginning of an awakening, a spiritual sensitivity born out of social/economic/spiritual upheaval, a world-wide paradigm shift of Biblical magnitude.

(7) My friends, we are witnessing the beginnings of world-wide exponential church growth for the world-wide Body of Christ and for tens of millions, maybe hundreds of millions on their knees this moment turning to their Creator for His Love, Grace and Mercy.

(8) For the healthy, (already fruitful) local congregations this will translate into phenomenal growth. Lets watch and be lead by the Holy Spirit.  May the fire of God's Holy Spirit sweep over this world, illuminating it  and have His cleansing effect ( the Gospel of John, the entire book of Acts and many other Scriptures from Genesis through Revelation in context). 

I have noticed a pattern with God.  The enemy often throws a sucker punch and Father God answers with a knock-out blow.  We read ahead, our team wins Revelation 21st chapter and many other Scriptures in context).

Christ's Love,

Continued Blessings,

Mark Diaz.

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