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I received this message today from a close friend of Gayla's. Vickie Warren. Please pass this along to your prayer chains:


Greetings to each of you,

With much emotion, and with an answer to prayer, God allowed Kristi to call me tonight.  She is finding our names (and those of us who had given Gayla our phone numbers) and she is contacting some of us to pray. I told her that I could send a message broadcast  to everyone. 


She asked that I contact you for personal prayer for herself (she is pregnant with Gayla's second grandchild) so that we might pray for her and for her little one.  She is about 2 months and is asking for prayers since she has much to face in the next day or two.  She has her mother's medical power of attorney and Gayla left specific requests in that document.  It appears that this will be contentious. 


Kristi and the entire family want you to know how thankful that they are for your friendship with Gayla and for the prayers that have been prayed in her behalf. The people Gayla has touched in so many ways,  from far and near,  have been in contact with the family. Kristi says that she only wished that her Mother knew.  I simply said she should tell her.


These are some of the notes that Kristi gave me so that I could tell you her faithful friends:  there have been two strokes and the resulting tests indicate multiple disabilities to probably include loss of vision and speech as well as movement.  In the last couple of days, the family insisted on removing the breathing tube and that has been done, in line with Gayla expressed wishes in the power of attorney document.  With the lessening of the anesthesia for the ventilator, she has opened her eyes; however it just movement and does attach to person or object in the room. The level of sedation to keep that machine in place has been lessened and she is once again suffering from the cervical dystonia--the drawing of her neck which is so painful.  They cannot medicate for this condition as it has been done in the past, which according to my conversation with Gayla, was several prescriptions and worse in the winter's cold.  There is now no medical protocol for lessening this pain which includes morphine among the others:  lesser strength medications must be used--hydrocodone and/or Tylenol 3, from which she could not receive relief earlier and necessitating the morphine.  In the power of attorney document,  Gayla's expressed desire is to be medicated due to the cervical dystonia. I myself have heard her cry from this when the drawing starts and it is heart breaking; there is no known cure and it is a progressive disease.


If she survives, she will be living in a nursing home; and this takes me to the second of Kristi's concerns.  They have also already placed her on a feeding tube through the stomach wall.  As those of us who have worked in hospitals and nursing homes know, this could mean a much longer life, in which she could literally be kept alive via food that is almost perfect for sustaining life, but which would offer no quality to speak of. 


And the reason for writing and sending this tonight, is that Kristi must deal with the hospital authorities tomorrow or as soon as it can be arranged.  This is a board of doctors and legal authorities.  Kristi would like to honor her mother's wishes by asking that the feeding tube be removed and she will do this in the next couple of days. Other than comfort measures and pain measures, Gayla wanted no others.



This is Kristi's expressed prayer request for us to pray, in accordance with her Mother's requests in the medical power of attorney:


That we pray for a full 100% recovery from the effects of the strokes and full recovery from the cervical dystonia, so that she can have good life again.  KRISTI STATES EMPHATICALLY THAT GOD IS MORE THAN ABLE TO DO THIS, but she wants a complete healing for her Mother:  she cannot continue to live any kind of life with the pain in the cervical area.  


If that would not be the Lord's will in this matter, and with him knowing that her work on this earth is done, she asks that we pray for the ultimate healing--for God to take her home to be with Him. 


Kristi is needing prayer for strength and health for herself and her unborn baby.  And Gayla would be the first to pray.


Lord, we do not pretend to know your mind in this matter, nor do we understand how it is that you can know each one of us as you do.  Lord, we have prayed many prayers for Gayla in the last year, and many more in the last few days.  You know our sister well and her family as they struggle through this valley experience, which we must all travel  through unless you come and call us home in the rapture of the church.  Lord, we have faithfully delivered Kristi's words and Gayla's wishes to this body of Believers. 


We leave this decision entirely in your hands.  For only you Lord, know whether Gayla's work is complete.  We love Gayla and we are supporting her family during this time.  We trust you and believe that "You are the author and completer" of your work in the earth and each one of us is a part of the Body of Christ which carries it on.


We pray for Kristi as she is in a critical time for her little one and we await your decision in these matters.    In your precious Son's Name, we pray, amen.



It is my humble desire to be able to pass this on to you as Kristi gave it to me.  Please excuse my emotion and wordiness.




Vickie Warren

Administrator for the Spirit of Elijah




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If anyone would like to call for prayer on the phone my number (US) is 406-298-0924. If you do not have free long distance I can call you.

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