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Don't get tired of waiting for God to bring you out of the pit! Through faith and patience, you obtain the promise (Hebrews 6:12, 15; 10:36)!

God is working in the background to bring you out so just wait on Him to do it. While you are waiting, praise God for bringing you out and have a grateful heart; be thankful to Him for where He HAS brought you from. Don’t complain while you are in the pit; it will only delay God bringing you out – remember the children of Israel (Joshua 5:6). We need to use Joseph as an example of what to do while we are in the pit; he never complained while he was in the pit or the prison. Joseph’s own brothers (family, flesh and blood) put him in the pit. But from the time he got thrown into the pit, to the time God placed him in the palace, Joseph never complained, nor did he hold any grudges against his brothers; and that is why God could take him to the palace. Joseph thrived everywhere he was placed because he did not complain or hold unforgiveness in his heart. You can read the story of Joseph by clicking here.

Therefore, if you are in a pit today, check your attitude! Are you complaining like I use too? Asking God, "Are we there yet?" “God how long am I going to have to be in pain before my healing manifest?” These are some of the questions I use to ask God. I am still in pain, but now I am looking in expectation for my full manifestation of healing to come; I am waiting for my change to come. I know what the Word says that I am healed already by Jesus’ strips, so I keep going and claiming my healing!!

Another check, are you bitter at the person who threw you in the pit (even if that person is yourself – you might have jumped in yourself – whether on purpose or by accident)? You got in that pit in one of three ways, either you put yourself there by making wrong decisions, the devil put you there by listening to him, or you got there by disobeying God; you wouldn't listen to Him and He allowed you to fall in the pit (God is a gooooooood God but He gives you a choice and God is not going to force you to obey Him. But you must remember, if you choose your way instead of God’s, there will be negative consequences).

But when you face those negative consequences, and other negative things, God will take everything that was meant for evil in your life, and turn them around for your good – Yeah, God loves you just that must. But don’t get bitter while you are in the pit; begin to praise God in the pit, thanking Him for bringing you out of the pit before He does.

Give thanks to God with a grateful heart, no matter what you are going through. Thank God for everything He has brought you out of! You must be thankful for where you came from, before you can truly be thankful for where God is taking you.

Therefore, praise your way out of that pit! Make up in your mind TODAY that you are going to let go of all bitterness, all jealousy/envy, all malice, all anger, all strife, all unforgiveness, all hatred, all blame, etc. and be thankful to God for what He has already done; look to Him to bring you out of the pit.

Your palace is waiting for your arrival! There are people waiting for you to help them; the ones (souls) who God has assigned to your hand to help. Therefore, come on up out of that pit and take your place in the palace.

Remember, God might not take you directly from the pit to the palace; you might be thrown into prison before you reach the palace; just as Joseph (Joseph’s story). God might have to do more work inside of you, before you reach the palace. But stay faithful to Him; being thankful - being grateful to Him for bringing you out of the pit (I can't express this enough). Be patient! Be kind! Still show the love of God to others; giving them the same grace, God has given and is giving you! God knows what He is doing! He is a Pro at what He does!

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God’s Servant,

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks

Scripture for today:

"For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God you may receive what is promised." Hebrews 10:36 ESV

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Comment by God Is For Us on December 3, 2012 at 5:48am

Thank you Dorothy! Endurance is the key to finishing the race!

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