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Domestic Violence Seminar - JOF V&A Program S2 Part 2C 10-5-2020

Greetings Everyone, in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

I pray you all and your families are well! Here are the updated previous, current, and upcoming, “Journey of Freedom: Violence & Abuse” Program 2020 & Beyond summaries, for each topic (click here). You can find the previous sessions, with videos, the current session for Monday, October 5th, and all the upcoming topics, with their summaries. For the complete “Violence & Abuse” Program, with handouts, click here. And if you have not had a chance to view our previous topic, “Importance of Forgiveness,” click here, for the complete program, along with topic summaries, and videos of the sessions.

There will not be a “Violence & Abuse” class tomorrow, October 5th; I will discuss that session, on Monday, October 12th. To make it easier for you, I am putting tomorrow’s teaching below; you can study the previous, and upcoming topics, at your convenience.  

If you would like to join us for our Monday, Domestic Violence Seminars, here is the Zoom information (although it is in the teaching information also): 

Join Zoom Meeting Link & Time:

6:30pm Eastern Time & 5:30pm Central Time


Meeting ID: 819 9057 9725

Passcode: 930178

I pray this program will be a blessing to you, and that God will deliver, heal, and restore you from ALL unforgiveness, including against yourself, and ALL the effects of the domestic violence or other traumatic events you have suffered! If you still in an abusive relationship of ANY kind, please seek help!! I pray for your continual healing and restoration, for any and all things that keeps you from following after God!

If you have any questions, contact me at drdehooks@abusedwoman.org or Minister Everette James at embiblecollege@yahoo.com.

God's Blessings to you all and your families,

Rev. Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks, PsyD


Domestic Violence Seminar, “Violence & Abuse,” Session 2 – Part C (10-5-2020) (***NO VIDEO THIS WEEK***): In Session 2, “Explore how to STOP the Cycle of Abuse” & “Establish a Personal Bill of Right” of the “Violence & Abuse” Program, Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks, discusses the following topics:

*The Three “G’s” of Stopping the Cycle of Abuse – Part 2C

For change to come, change must take place. The victim of abuse must remove themselves from the situation in order for help to be received.

  • Get help now! Tell someone in authority that the abuse is taking Never let the abuse continue.
  • Get to a safe place!
  • Get counseling to help with the healing process

*Establish Your Personal Bill of Rights – Part 2C

Now, you will read the Personal Bill of Rights pledge on the next page; it is pertinent for any situation in your life (the Bill of Rights, will be in the complete teaching). It is important to learn your rights as a human being, then don’t allow others to treat you in any way that jeopardizes your rights. The best way to handle any kind of abuse is to remove yourself from the situation and the person who is speaking or acting in a way that demeans who you are.

Domestic violence is not just a secular issue, there are many Christian wives who are also being tormented by an abusive husband. These series of seminars are designed to help domestic violence victims obtain wholeness from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. This training will also prepare Christian ministers, counselors, and other Christian workers to provide healing to the domestic violence victim.

This is the seventh meeting of the “Violence & Abuse,” Program, and subsequent sessions will be held via Zoom on Mondays at 5:30 pm (Central), 6:30 pm (Eastern), and will continue until all the sessions are complete, which will be May 17, 2021. Zoom meeting information: Meeting ID: 890 4165 4195 - Password: 930178

Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks, PsyD is the founder of Abused Woman Ministries Inc. She will be teaching several courses on domestic violence and recovery. To contact Dr. Hooks, email her at drdehooks@abusedwoman.org, or go to her main website, www.abusedwoman.org, or her blog/teaching website, www.abusedwoman.ning.com.

Some of the subjects covered are, “The Importance of Forgiveness;” “Violence and Abuse Recovery;” “Anger Management Recovery;” “Emotional Healing;” and “Unholy Matrimony Healing for the Abused Woman.” We will be studying these programs in the order they are listed here.

A certificate of completion will be awarded upon the successful completion of the “Journey of Freedom” Program by Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks, and Minister James will also award a certificate of completion, per his guidelines of the course. For more information about Minister James’ guidelines of the course, please contact him at embiblecollege@yahoo.com, or go his website, https://eastern-missouri-bible-college.mn.co.

Everett James, Th.D.

Eastern Missouri Bible College


PDF Handouts for Session 2-Part 2C - (click below):

"Violence & Abuse" S2 P2C - 10-5-2020

Click here for PDF version of this information


Next week’s Topic (Session 3, Part 3A 10-12-2020) - will include S2 P2C teaching: “Understand Why Abusers Abuse” & “Understand Why the Victims Stay.

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