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If you have any specific computer questions, please leave them in the ‘comment’ box below. In the mean time here are some resources that you might find helpful

Comment by Victoria May

Seems silly to ask for prayer for this but I am having a major computer problem dealing with an important issue, please pray for the bug to get out with no consequences. Thank you so much. Blessings all.

Comment by Gayla Stahl

Hi Victoria...
Asking for prayer for the computer issue is not at all silly, in fact, it is very important, as it is part of your lifeline to other people, people who love you ,and will stand with you, till the victory comes.

1.Virus control and spy ware are a must. I have used some of the ones on the market that you have to purchase, and still had issues. The man who works on my computer said he did too, and finally he went to AVG free edition. Here is the link:


And when I went there, I noticed that they have now created a forum for users to discuss issues, which is very helpful.

Once you get this set up on your computer, it is automatic, the only thing you will have to do, is to upgrade to the next years addition, and they will send you an alert. Just follow all the free links...because they do want to sell you the version that they make money off of, and you can't blame them. But, I am very greatful that they offer the free edition, and it works great for me.

I have been using this on my computer for several years now, and have had no problem. Lately my comp. has been hanging up pretty often, got to find out what that is...

If you decide to go with this, I think it will be important to remove whatever software program you now have, for virus/spyware control, so that the two of them are not competing for the same job. check out the free forum, and ask more questions...

2. Routine maintenance must be preformed to keep the computer running smoothly.
A. The cache must be cleared pretty often, according to how much you use the computer. Not sure how you can get to it, as I think all versions of the comp. differ. If you will post what kind of computer you are using, and also the browser, perhaps an answer can be found. I think I will copy your request and my answer, and turn it into a blog, as to enlist the help of others.

B. Disk cleanup is important. I have Windows XP, to get there, I go to :
1 Start
2 .All programs
3 Accessories
4 System tools
5 Disk Cleanup

and tell it to run.

After this is done... go thru the steps listed above, and on step 5, click on Disk defrag. then you will need to click on whatever drive is listed.. probably C drive. and tell it to defrag. this may take a bit, according to how long it has been since it was done. Then you will click finish, when it is done.

In addition, I have AOL security edition, as my toolbar, and I really like it set up this way. Actually I think Google is my search engine, because it picks up so much that other engines do not... at least I hope it is set that way. Often I will go to Google, then find whatever I am looking for, from there. You can ask any question of Google, and get a very good answer.

Anyway, the AOL toolbar, security edition (free from aol downloads ) offers a spy ware of its own, and daily it sends me a box of things that I need to click on to delete, that came from spy ware that was attacking my computer. I do this every time the box comes to my attention. and I delete about 15-20 things on a daily basis, that can or would eventually hurt my computer.

Hope some of this helped, and I am going to attempt now, to put all of this in a blog, on this site, and mine s well. Please feel free to report back , and keep me up to date on what is happening, perhaps I can help some more.

Blessings.... Gayla s.

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