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Chapter 5: God's Recipe For Miracles...His Truly Magic Ways both the written version and the audio version

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Chapter 5: God’s Recipe For Miracles…His Truly Magic Ways

Faith Without Works Is Dead James 2:14

Faith without works is dead. This simple statement immediately begs several questions: First of all; how can faith die? (Faith without works is dead…clearly, without works…faith dies). Also if it is something that can die, it must also be something that can grow because there is obviously life there…growth potential…so how do I grow my faith? And how is faith maintained in a healthy state so that it CAN grow and not become ill and die?
In the last chapter, ‘Salvation…Jesus’ Final Words’, we learned that our Salvation…living with God forever…is not dependant on works, we cannot ‘work’ our way or ‘buy’ our way into eternity with God…Salvation is a separate issue from God’s Miracles…His Truly Magic Ways.


In this study we will discover, Scripturally, that God’s Recipe For Miracles…God’s Truly Magic Ways, ARE evoked by our good works, our mature faith AND healthy, growing, flourishing faith is dependant on both watching God at His Work and also us doing His Work.

Faith without works is dead.

We will discover that Faith and Works are all tied into Love for God and all His children. You are probably already familiar with the Scriptures where the Scribes and the Pharisees were questioning Jesus about the greatest commandment and He said to them in Mathew 22:34-40 and in Mark 12:30-31; That the greatest Commandments are to love the Lord God with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your strength…and to love your neighbor as you love yourself…there is no other commandment as great as these.


Those two commandments are all tied into receiving God’s Blessings…His miracles…His protection. His rewards for us both now as mortals and into eternity with Him…these are the Crowns that He will bestow upon the most faithful…those with the most enduring faith. Those He trusts most with leadership responsibilities. These ‘Crowns’ that God will bestow represent that soul having proven itself as a trustworthy slave in running God’s Race… doing God’s Work…any time, any place under any circumstance regarding his assignment and finding true contentment and joy there-in (1st Corinthians 9:24).

Salvation is the same for all and available to all…However; God’s Blessings and His rewards (miracles for example) are given to those who demonstrate the most faith. For Example, A Scripturally defined ‘saint’ who is one of the ‘most faithful’ described in Scripture has no greater Salvation than anyone else who gains eternal life through Christ…eternal life with God is…well…eternal life…………With GOD! So salvation is the same for everyone and available to everyone…please study the first 4 chapters of this book and all the Scriptural references for yourself.

God’s Miracles and Blessings are separate things from His Salvation, however…His Miracles and Blessings go to those who are faithful and exhibit faith…the greater the faith and works…the greater the rewards…the miracles. His Crowns come in the form of God Trusting the responsibilities of leadership roles to those ‘most faithful’ in His Kingdom to come and also now in the preparation of Christ’s Return.

There will be subsequent chapters on the ‘saints’, as well as the ‘elect’ and many other subjects but for now we are concentrating on how to garner God’s Miracles and His Blessings…God’s Simple Recipe For Miracles…God’s Truly Magic Ways.

All through the New Testament and under the New Covenant when Healings and other miracles occurred it is clearly through faith that God smiled upon the one receiving the blessing…and trusted through both faith and works the one through whom the miracles were performed.


In Luke the 18th Chapter beginning with the 40th verse Jesus encounters a blind man. Jesus asks what He can do for the man. The man asks for his sight to return. The man’s sight is immediately restored. Jesus said “your faith has made you well”. The other element is that the man went on to Glorify God…and it says; ”all the people, when they saw it, gave praise to God”. Having faith in God and giving Him credit…giving Him all the Glory…is the next ingredient in God’s Simple Recipe For Miracles…God’s Truly Magic Ways…giving Him all the credit all of the Glory.

Remember that it was the enemy’s desire to be as great as God that started all of this…and the enemy’s ability to mislead 1/3 of all the angels and later Eve and Adam into the same prideful mind set…to be as great as God. God is the only One qualified to rule us…that is the entire point…It is ALL about God! He gets ALL of the credit…ALL of the Glory.

In Mark 11:20-24 Jesus and some of the disciples were walking along and came across a fig tree that Jesus had earlier cursed…the fig tree had withered. Peter pointed it out. Once again Christ said: “Have faith in God…without any doubt in your heart…what you ask will be given”. Of course, having faith in God, by definition, means walking in His Spirit…being in is Will…knowing what is proper to ask for…then have unquestioning faith that it will occur…but first our Spiritual maturity must be in order according to the Scriptures. More on that in a bit.

In Acts 6:8 speaking about Stephen it says that he was “full of faith and power, did great wonders and signs among the people”. He was full of faith and power…God’s Power!
In acts 14:8-10 there is an account of a man in Lystra who had been crippled since birth; “Paul, observing him intently and seeing that he had faith to be healed, said with a loud voice “Stand up straight on your feet!” And he leaped up and walked.” So not only did the man have faith to be healed but Paul, of course, also had that faith…and Paul’s love, as demonstrated through his works for God and his fellow men are unsurpassed by any other man.

In James the first Chapter beginning with the 1st verse there is a very telling Scripture regarding faith and works and Spiritual maturity…knowing God’s Will and what to pray for…God’s recipe for miracles…It says: “My brethren, count it all a joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience (endurance and perseverance). But let the patience have its perfect work (translated as its maturing effect) that you may be perfect (gain Spiritual maturity) and complete, lacking nothing. If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives it all liberally and without reproach, and it (wisdom) will be given to him. But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind. For let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord: he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways (James 1:1-8).

WOW! Talk about a mouthful! There is a whole lot of learning for us to do in that Scripture…so let’s take it one thought at a time:

It begins by telling us to take trials as a joy because they will mature our faith. The Scriptures teach us that God is not a perpetrator that when we are under trial, let no man say ‘I am being tried by God’, for with evil things, God can neither be tried nor does He try anyone”. Folks, God is not a perpetrator…satan is…God does allow us to go through trials…just refer to Job…but we are to find joy in these trials because they perfect or mature our faith…Jesus went through the same process.

Next we are taught in James 1:1-8 that it is perfectly proper to pray and ask for wisdom….God’s Will. So far this Scripture is telling us how to perfect our faith and gain wisdom…to know what to pray for. It says that God will give us wisdom (His Will) liberally (in abundance) and He will do so without reproach…He won’t make us feel stupid in the process…the only dumb question regarding God is the one we failed to ask Him…we are to ask His advice in all matters…To ask for His advice is His Will…His Wisdom.

Lastly we are to ask in faith with no doubting because doubting negates faith…it washes faith away and that man becomes like a wave driven by the wind. It goes so far as to call a doubting man who prays a ‘double-minded man, unstable in every way’…pretty strong words… Why is he unstable? Because his doubts allow the enemy to slither in and confuse him…the man becomes hot with faith one day and cold the next…he becomes unstable in all his ways…because folks we live in Spiritual Warfare and it affects every aspect of our lives.

Next in James 5:13-15 it says “Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray…is anyone among you sick? Let him call the elders of the church’ and let them pray over him…And the prayer of faith will save the sick and the Lord will raise him up”. Again the common denominator of faith is present…both on the part of the person receiving the miracle…as well as the one God uses to deliver the miracle…and notice the Spiritual maturity level of the ones doing the praying…the ‘elders’ of the congregation…without their good works they would not be in leadership roles…faith without works is dead…faith with good works is ALIVE!!! And POWERFUL!!! GOD’S POWER!!!

We know that Salvation through Christ under the New Covenant is separate from the blessings and miracles that we receive from God here and now and into eternity.

We know that miracles such as Spiritual healing, emotional healing and physical healing as well as blessings in the form of prosperity and protection from the enemy, deliverance miracles…all stem from our strength of faith…our love for God and humanity and our level of faith…our works and Spiritual maturity. Faith is the foundation…and if it can die…we certainly want to understand HOW it can die so that we can keep it healthy and growing. “Faith without works is dead”. So since works are a key to healthy faith…let’s examine what works are:

The bottom line is that if we truly love God we will be compelled to do good works for Him and all of His Children. We take pleasure in doing good works if it is from the heart…if it is genuine…and one thing about us humans…we gravitate toward that which gives us pleasure.

So when we love someone we are compelled, we take pleasure, in doing for them…these are heart felt works.
Here is an analogy…a parable: We could use any number of examples of the emotions and feelings and motivation of love here. We could point to a mother’s love for her child for example…because that child needs mom for everything…that mom gives unconditional love and works for the child and because the child needs her for everything the child returns that love…unconditionally. And since it is in her natural design, a healthy mom will give that child unconditional love…she is compelled to do for the child…it brings her pleasure.


The same with a healthy father…he is compelled to provide for his family…it actually brings him pleasure, even when sacrifice is involved. Love equals the compulsion and pleasure in doing for those we love…it follows that if we love God and all His children we are compelled and find pleasure in doing for them…good works come naturally if motivated from the heart.

We can see how fitting God’s balance for the human couple is. A man is supposed to love his wife ‘sacrificially’ just as Christ loved and sacrificed for His Bride…the Church…the Body of Christ…In Ephesians 5:25 it say “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for her”. We know that Christ gave sacrificially for His Bride, the Church…He gave His Life! Talk about works! Christ is the ultimate example of doing good works! Also the ultimate example of faith, Spiritual maturity and Love and Trust in God and Love for ALL mankind…He is our example!

It is fitting that a man will gladly give his own life, without question, to protect his family…it is in a man’s design to be this way…and, by the same token, a woman will face death to give birth…to create life…God’s balance. Out of love a healthy family will gladly do for one another…works.

We even have those emotions for our pets to a large degree. In the Western World most of us consider our pets as members of the family. I’m going to use the example of the pet dog.

My own dog, Grainger, was with me for 13 years. I was a single Dad of my daughter Donna and her brother Joe for many of those years. There was nothing that I would not have sacrificed for those children…from the time they were infants through to adulthood, their needs ruled my life. Out of love for them and their pet dog Grainger…I gladly worked myself to the bone to provide for my little family…good works go hand in hand with love.

Of course, in time, the children grew up and made lives for themselves leaving Grainger and I alone with one another. At that point Grainger became one very spoiled puppy dog. I had been too busy raising children to date women…between the age of 35 and 45…and all my friends and recreational activities had taken a back seat to the needs of my children and their dog…now my dog…I inherited him when my children grew up…so Grainger became my best and dearest companion for many years. I loved that little guy…he loved me back…unconditionally…nothing was too good for him until the day he died after 13 years of being a very important part of my family.

He was there with me through deaths and births, struggles and triumphs, pain and pleasure. Because of my love for him I took pleasure in working to keep him spoiled and loved…he was protected and provided for by me and it was a pleasure for me…a blessing…that’s what we do when we love someone…even if he is a canine…he is one of God’s creation.

How much more the fulfillment to do work for God!…the ultimate Parent!…the One Who gave me life itself! The One Who has always been there for me over the decades!!!

When we love someone…doing for them is a compulsion…good works are a symptom of love.
Without works…this is important…without works, doing God's Work, we deprive ourselves of watching God do His Work. Without the faith building experiences of watching Him at work our faith in Him and His power to cause miracles in our lives will fade...atrophy...eventually our faith can die. Faith without works is dead!
Faith without works is dead…Faith WITH works is very much ALIVE…and VERY POWERFUL:

It is only by watching God at work, while we are doing work for Him that we can witness, first hand, His Power and Glory. That is what builds personal faith…and His blessings and miracles follow.

Where can we go to do God's Work? The best place for most of us is at our local churches. One does not have to forsake all things material and go live in homeless shelters in a place thousands of miles from home, or go live in a jungle to do God’s Work regarding the Fulfillment of the Great Commission…not everyone is cut out for or has the stamina to do such things…but virtually everyone of us can support a local church in some way…and in the process ‘break bread’…fellowship…get to know fellow Christians and witness God at work.

Fellowship and work on the internet is fine and indeed much good work is performed on the internet...but to be well rounded Christians…to be mature Christians worthy of evoking God’s Miracles, we must fellowship with real flesh and blood Christian humans and support the Great Commission by witnessing to real flesh and blood three dimensional humans. This is the only way to witness God's Work with all five of our senses…it is absolutely necessary in order to be well rounded, mature, balanced Christians.

It is for this very reason that ‘breaking of bread’, sharing a meal during fellowship is so highly emphasized in the Bible (Acts 2:24, Acts 2:40, Acts 20:7, 1 Corinthians 10:16, Luke 24:35). Supernatural occurrences happened at these times! At the times people were sharing meals, in person! To know that these things actually occurred…to see and hear and feel and taste and smell God’s Miracles…in person…using all 5 senses…it is impossible to do that on the internet.

Of course this does not include those who are shut-ins or are isolated. God has provisions for all His children in this regard. But if we have a choice…we are cheating ourselves and God by not supporting a local, healthy Christian church…preferably a Full Gospel Christian Church. There will be more on ‘Full Gospel’ in later chapters.

If we don’t support a local church then we are cheating ourselves of watching God at Work and we are cheating Him by not being there to do His Work…it is ALL necessary to build strong, healthy, personal faith and to become mature in Christ…to perfect our Spiritual Gifts…to evoke God’s Blessings and Miracles…His Truly Magic Ways!

So without strong faith, where does that leave us? For one thing it leaves us most susceptible to the enemy's daily Spiritual attacks. Without strong faith in God in regard to His Work in our lives, we loose sight of God and are then distracted by the storms the enemy creates. Satan doesn't have to destroy us to interfere with our missions for God...just distract us…in order to weaken our faith…our resolve…after all…faith without works…is dead!

Like Peter in the fishing boat; in that moment when he stepped out of the boat he was full of faith. He was there doing God's Work and had just witnessed a miracle, Jesus Himself walking on water! He KNEW that he would be walking toward Jesus...on water! He actually began to walk on water!

Of course, to his credit, Peter was the only one in the boat who displayed both an obedient heart condition, when he said “command me Lord to walk to You and I will” and a willingness to trust Jesus…to do work for Jesus…when he actually stepped out of that boat onto water…he was the only one…and his obedience and demonstration of faith is what earned him the blessing of being the cornerstone of God’s Christian Church…Jesus’ Bride…the Body of Christ. Faith and works…Peter had them both in abundance.

Then he allowed himself to be distracted by the enemy (lack of Spiritual maturity). So Peter was distracted by a storm that was occurring in his life at that moment. He began to sink because his faith...his resolve began to weaken…he was distracted by the storm in his life at that moment.

Again…the enemy doesn't have to destroy us in order to keep us from God's Goals and God’s Dreams for us...God’s Miracles in our lives…the enemy only needs to distract us from witnessing God's Work...and from doing God's Work...and that is when we feel overwhelmed. The enemy wants us to give up on God's Work...God’s plan for us as individuals...our Journey with Him.

Because of Peter’s eventual Spiritual maturity…he was made the cornerstone of God’s Christian Church…even after he denied Christ three times he was the first Apostle to see Christ the risen Lord! (Luke 24:34, 1 Cor. 15:5). This was confirmation of his restored relationship with Christ and confirmed his appointment by God as a leader in the emerging church…in spite of his momentary human lacking…his faith, Spiritual Maturity and good works for God eventually made him one of the most faithful of God’s slaves.

Why do we need to associate and fellowship at real local churches?

God designed us to have multiple sensory inputs to the brain…all of these senses are necessary and form an important function…God doesn’t do ANYTHING for no good reason…all of these five senses; sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch all work in harmony to feed the brain accurate information regarding our environment. It is through experiences that our mind, heart and soul build resolve...faith.

All five of these sensory inputs collectively balance communication…information. Remember, the mind is the boss of the brain and the brain is the boss of the body…where the mind wanders the man will follow. We need to use ALL of our senses that are available to us to effectively do God’s Work…indeed to even know what His Will IS for us.

The internet is a wonderful tool but it is just one tool. It is a tool for communication. Communication is an important tool for navigating through life but it is not life itself.

Life and faith building can only be experienced in three dimensions using all 5 of our senses in order to have full impact on us Spiritually. For example; reading a newspaper deprives us of using four of our senses...words typed and read on the internet...including these words might be inspirational but to really gain faith, one must witness God at Work...His Miracles…using all of the senses that God gave us. We humans need to see, hear, touch, smell and taste in order to truly appreciate and learn from any and all experiences. Folks this does not apply to those who are shut in, isolated or otherwise limited…God has provisions for all of us…but, at the same time…”I don’t have a car…or the busses don’t run on Sunday” is not an excuse…if we truly desire to attend church…and if there is a healthy church around…God will certainly provide…we know it is His Will for us to fellowship…in person with other Christians.

My dear Christian family…there are 22 occurrences in 16 articles in The New King James Version of the Bible which use the word ‘fellowship’. We are limited to time if you are listening to this as the audio version…but please get an exhaustive concordance and look up the key word ‘fellowship’.

In Acts 2:40 it is talking about being saved from this perverse generation…three thousand souls were saved at that time. In verse 42, once again it emphasizes the sharing of a meal…the ‘breaking of bread’…why? Because partaking in nourishment…whether it is physical nourishment or Spiritual nourishment involves all five of our senses…we fully appreciate the meal. We know it was a fine meal because we experienced it fully…as opposed to just seeing an advertisement for a meal…or reading about a meal, we actually see, hear, feel, taste and smell the food. Partaking of a Spiritual meal on the internet isn’t much better than eating a picture of the meal on the menu at a restaurant…as opposed to actually eating the meal. Reading praise reports is not nearly as faith building as experiencing, in person, God at work.

1st John 3 Verse 5: “This is the message we have heard from Him and declare to you, that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all. (7) But if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another…” Imagine that it requires fellowship to walk in God’s Light.

Think about it dear Christian family…why do you think Jesus assembled everyone at the Last Supper? Why do you think Thomas had to use all five of his senses to know Jesus had risen from the dead? Think about it…God could have simply put a vision in everyone’s mind…but when the Apostle Thomas experienced Christ with all of his senses he knew without any doubt that he was seeing his Lord and God Jesus the Christ Who had risen from death…he knew he wasn’t being fooled by rumor or someone pretending to be someone they are not…such as happens regularly on the internet…he knew he was not fooling himself or being fooled.

Upon seeing and touching the actual nail holes and after talking to and hearing Jesus Thomas said: ”My Lord and my God” …he began to worship Jesus now the Christ. He would not have done so by any other means…not by hearing about it…not by reading about it…only with his full senses could he examine the truth. Christ said to Thomas: “Thomas, because you have seen Me (in person), you have believed, blessed are those who have not seen me (in person) and yet have believed (1Cor. 15:5).

How do we see Christ today? With our personal experiences doing His Work in the lives of those to whom we minister…real people in the real world…using all of the senses God gave us. Not by reading news papers or talking to anonymous people on the internet…but by fellowshipping and witnessing to flesh and blood people who are accountable to a real community…by actually experiencing God’s Miracles with all of our senses.
By gaining Spiritual Nourishment and edification through the internet alone our Spiritual nourishment becomes unbalanced and we will eventually become malnourished...a famine of faith occurs and we become weakened and susceptible to Spiritual attack. Faith without works is dead.

Faith is something that grows and is strengthened like a muscle. Just like a muscle if it is not constantly fed a proper diet and exercised it will atrophy, become weaker...and eventually it will wither and die.

Being a Leader in God’s Theocracy is a life-style…one must have the heart and soul to be a True Spiritual Warrior and at the same time have a compassionate heart. There are so many ways to serve God…and not everyone is cut out to say…smuggle Bibles into countries where just having possession of a Bible is a life prison sentence…and under those conditions that is a death sentence…in a living hell.

Imagine that…there are brothers and sisters whose Ministry it is to smuggle Bibles at the penalty of death….a slow, torturous, physical death.

You know, I sometimes feel ashamed of myself because there are times when I start thinking my little temporary assignment Ministering to homeless men is a tough job.

Then I start thinking of those folks who smuggle Bibles and I realize that these brothers and sisters who are smuggling God’s Word are leaving their families behind to truly go on a military style mission…with all the survival training required and life and death penalties involved.

Except their mission is even MORE complicated because not only can they not shoot back to defend themselves but the Governments of these countries are looking to martyr these brothers and sisters.
Additionally they have the bandits and drug lords and local corrupt, anti-Christian tribal battles to contend with…these are countries where “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”…and in this case, across the board, Christians are brutally hated by 98% of the population….nation wide.

In these regions the locals easily set aside their little tribal squabbles to “sack a Christian”…in many cases there are monetary ‘bounties’ set for the heads of known Christians…or even someone possessing a Bible…they really want the smugglers of God’s Love Letter to us…the Bible. All of these fine works and courage and mature faith are symptoms of their love for God and all His children. They have the love, faith and Spiritual maturity to fulfill their mission…without doubt regarding eternity…they do it with joy and find contentment in every circumstance…anywhere and any time they are called.

These Most Faithful brethren are truly willing to die for Christ…I mean without question…without any shred of doubt that they have been called to serve in the ultimate labor of Love…………..smuggling God’s Love Letter of Salvation to people who are famished Spiritually, starving for His Word…Salvation through Christ.
For their faith and works they earn the opportunity to serve God and help to protect His Little Sheep Spiritually…to be tried and true slaves for God. To see what a secular person would call magic…what we Christians call miracles.

By definition these brothers and sisters are Spiritual Warriors of the highest faith and live their faith like the finest athletes…constantly training and running the fine race…a life style…not just something that one MUST DO on Sunday…not a chore…a pleasure, a compulsion to watch God at Work…His Miracles…those miracles being of the most profound and Spiritually Dynamic kinds. These folks are an inspiration and a model for us all. They know how to evoke God’s Blessings and Miracles.

Not everyone can be a world class athlete for God (we read ahead, by the way, our team wins) but they are living proof that it is possible for humans to be so motivated to serve Him and us in general…at the threat of death…and not for money…not for fame…Let’s think about that…No boasting or fame here…they have to keep a very low profile…no one around them talks about the missions…the families just accept it…kind of like being a close relative to say a Navy SEAL…but these warriors are motivated out of love to do this work for God…not for Caesar.

These folks do this joyfully, of their own free will…at the risk of death…without any doubts regarding eternity…even when there is loss of their own lives…or imprisoned and never heard from again…at least not yet.
Talk about seeing and actually LIVING surrounded by God’s miracles and blessings!!! WOW! And these dear, faithful brethren can’t talk about it or write about it…except to those few humans with whom they trust their lives.

So they live normal lives…they work normal jobs or own small businesses to support themselves and their families…just normal Christians…until there is a mission to fulfill… then they are kind of like what the military calls ‘Active Duty National Guard’…when needed they take a few weeks out of their lives to go on very quiet missions….its that basic for them.

We aren’t all capable of that life style and God doesn’t expect that level of fighting spirit in everyone…Not everyone is called to be a leader.

The True Leaders of Spiritual Warfare are doing their work quietly…just as the original disciples were admonished to do.

I have been blessed to cross paths with some of these folks over the years and although I have not been able to write about them I have been blessed to witness the miracles in which they are instrumental.
I’m just a reporter…a field reporter for God and normally I draw my writing from the circumstances to which God Draws me…of all the things that the human reporter side of me wants to write about it is their stories…more accurately their testimonies…but I cannot…at least not yet.

Of course when I have fellowshipped with these precious folks over the years I never ask details regarding any of their missions…That way I can’t write anything because I don’t know any of the specifics of their missions…but I know them as people and real, living, breathing, human brothers and sisters.

I have known them as part of my Christian Family and counseled them through births and deaths and graduations and I do believe that at least a couple of them are angels (Hebrews 13:2) ”Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by doing so some have unwittingly entertained angels”.(See also Genesis 18:1-22).
I am someone who secular people call ‘well traveled’…I have seen much of the world…and I know for a fact that these…the most faithful…are doing God’s Work world-wide.

Faith without works is dead…by the same token Faith with Works is very much Alive!!! Faith and Works go hand in hand with invoking God’s Smile upon us…His Blessings…His Miracles…IF both our Faith and our works are done from the heart…it is what we do when we Love someone…and if we are able to love our pets…how much more so can we love Him Who created our very existence and made provisions for eternal life!
Folks, in the New King James version of the Bible there are 189 occurrences in 130 articles where the word ‘heal’ appears.

God’s Simple Recipe For Miracles…what we have been teaching here… occur consistently through out these Scriptures.

Obviously we are limited to time and space here and cannot possibly mention each occurrence right now…but please, get an exhaustive Concordance, such as Strong’s Concordance, and study each occurrence for yourself…remember, the only way to gain personal faith is through personal experience with Father God…study, prayer, working for Him and watching Him at His Work…with real people in real life using all of the senses God gave us.

That is God’s Simple Recipe For Miracles. From that…from watching Him at work…and doing His Work…in real churches, with real people, using all your senses…your faith will mature, you will be in God’s Will and His Miracles will abound in your life and in the lives of those to whom you Minister…all to God’s Glory and as a witness to His Grace, Mercy and Love. Amen.


Walk in God’s wisdom
And the riches will follow
If we chase gold
Our lives will be hollow

Those loving Him
Will be loved back
For generations His love
Dynasties He’ll track

For wisdom and discernment
Keep calling out
God’s riches will follow
His wisdom does shout

Uprightness His pleasure
His wisdom to share
He gives us discernment
We know He is there

For our wealth belongs to Him
The love and health and gold
To be used as He sees fit
He guards us from the cold

From his palate in loving tones
He warms us in His wisdom
Master workers should we be
Only then can we be with Him

Princess and kings by Him keep their reign
He chooses His time and nothing’s in vane

For in His plan better than gold
His fruits do bear in His righteous stronghold

For faithful ones who own His favor
All forms of wealth for them
For the foolish, greedy ones
Their selves they do condemn


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