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Chapter 20...Christian Comedy...Testimony, Pastor John Gray

Chapter 20...Pastor John Gray...His Testimony…His work for Father…how Pastor Gray uses his Spiritual Gifts in Christian Comedy (audio version) Click here: http://godisforus.sermon.net/da/2527056/play


Index to the book "I'm A Christian...Now What?':



Hello, this is Mark Diaz…We will continue with Pastor Tobe Johnson's series of sermons on the Spiritual Gifts of The Holy Spirit soon.


As promised there will be many Spiritually mature Christians who are contributing their own experiences to this work...God's Work. Pastors and Missionaries, Teachers, musicians, writers, every day humans who all love God and want us to be uplifted by their experiences.


In this chapter we are tying together much of what we have learned about the Holy Spirit with Pastor Gray's personal Testimony. He speaks, in an interview, about his early Ministry, beginning at age 21, and how his ministry has matured. He speaks of how, out of the pain in his life (the evil that the enemy had presented to him), that the pain was used and is used by God for that which is good.


In this chapter we will be giving you an audio 'taste' of what his ministry is all about...then later, you can visit his website for full video/audio of his extensive work in Christian Comedy.


This segment begins with Pastor John Gray’s Testimony. There is a skit regarding evil Spirits (a take off of ‘Ghost Busters’) Then it gets into an hilarious take on Christmas, followed by a variety of humor/music and Christian Teaching...Also listen for his answer, during an interview, regarding “what a Godly Christian man looks for in a mate (again side splitting funny). All in about 36 minutes.


We are joining Pastor Gray as he is being interviewed.


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Pastor John Gray's Website: www.mannagod.com

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