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Chapter 17: The Spiritual Gift Of Healing...Senior Pastor Tobe Johnson

Chapter 17: Spiritual Gift Of Healings…Senior Pastor Tobe Johnson:

Pastor Tobe Johnson continues his series on the Spiritual Gifts of The Holy Spirit.

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Pastor Tobe Johnson’s contact information:


Tobe Johnson, Senior Pastor

Living Hope Fellowship

Physical Address: 614 N Last Chance Gulch Helena MT

Mailing Address: PO Box 7602 Helena, MT 59604




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Email: godisforus@yahoo.com



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Please keep in mind these Scriptural Principles of healings apply to all of the three basic categories of healing, and often a combination of all three are needed, those being emotional healing, spiritual healing and physical healing.


Here is Senior Pastor Tobe Johnson, speaking on the Spiritual Gift of Healings.

Remember: Little Prayer, little power…Some prayer, some power…Much Prayer, MUCH POWER! God’s Power!

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