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Calling Christian INJF Personality Types

If you are a Christian INJF personality type please contact me, I am desperately seeking at least one other INJF so that we can work together as like minded Ministry partners, we have God's Work to do. My most trusted advisers at

Liberty University as well as various Pastors, Missionaries, and teachers of God's Word have admonished me to not be shy--I have been given explicit instructions to be bold for Jesus--but I need to step out in faith and post this plea with God's promise that He will, in His own good time, answer this prayer in the affirmative. My heart's desire is to do His Work, complete my mission, and join Him at His appointed time--but I must press in and stay in this currently broken world until my work here is done which appears to be a very long time from now (a bitter/sweet message for me).

God's Love and mine,

In His Service,

Mark Diaz

(U.S.) 406-298-0924

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