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It was during 1990’s, I stood on the railway over bridge in a remote Indian Village. I was thinking about my friendship with Renny. My parents informed me that Renny is going to join seminary for the graduation in Theology. It was warm evening with mild breeze blowing; I stood on the railway bridge thinking about this. At that time, I thought that only parish priests are called by God for His work. With deep frustration, I cried out to Jesus “ Lord, you called up Renny for the ministry when are you going to call me??”. Frankly speaking, I did not even know the meaning of the word ‘ Call’. I did not get any reply from Jesus at that time. I went back home from there as it was getting dark. 


Years went by. I completed my Mechanical Engineering Course. Joined up  a firm as Mechanical Engineer. Company got a new site. 1998, I was shifted there as Site In charge, with lot of work responsibilities. 1999, as I was lying on my bed with lot of burden in my heart, Jesus spoke a word  to me “ Before Abraham, I am”. This word changed the direction of my life and later I surrendered my life to Christ. As I got born again, my life changed.  Lord encouraged me to witness His mighty Name. Lord  started speaking to me through His word, through dreams, through visions. He started revealing His plans for me. Those plans were so higher that I could not digest it with my peanut brain. Many times I slipped away but Lord Jesus restored me back. Miracles after miracles started happening.


Yesterday I was called up in a church for translation. But the main speaker who was supposed to give the message could not come due to some reasons. The elder of that church told me to give the sermon. I had no option but to stand up for that. I caught hold of that word “ Donot worry about what you have to say, but it will be given in that hour to speak”.The message was a call to enter into the kingdom of God. After the message, a lady came near to me and told that she needs Jesus. She wished to surrender her life to Jesus. As she informed her decision, we prayed for her. At that time one believer came to pulpit running and crying. He was her husband who had been praying for her for many months for her regeneration. He shed the tears of Joy. It was a great joy to see a family entering into the kingdom. What an awesome God we serve, for He answers the prayers. Praise God.

Today I am not a parish priest nor a church leader but we have been called and anointed by God to open the eyes and turn the people from darkness to light and from the power of satan unto God that they may receive forgiveness of sins and the inheritance from God. (Acts 26:18). Hallelujah.

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