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The vision regarding God Is For Us has always been to provide a safe place for those who have a sincere heart for God, through Christ, to come and teach and learn about how to please Father. A Christian's walk is all about developing a personal relationship with Him, through Jesus--getting to know His Character and Personality...He is a person...the perfection in Whose image we were originally created.


The internet provides a unique opportunity for the world-wide Body of Christ to exchange cultural knowledge, information and ideas regarding the fulfillment of the Great Commission. For example: With state of the art software we are able to deliver teaching about the Good News of God through Christ all over the world--but we are also able to literally 'smuggle' Teaching AND Bibles into areas of the world where the Bible is currently banned.


Notice that when you put the cursor over a Scriptural passage such as (John 3:16 ) the entire passage comes up in a small box. Also notice on the lower left corner of the box there is something that says 'More'. ..click on that and even more Scriptural references appear regarding the subject at hand--in this case the subject of Salvation through Christ.


As Christians we share the same Salvation (immortality) through the same Jesus Christ and worship the same True God no matter our individual denominations, cultural backgrounds, socioeconomic circumstances, age, gender or level of education. God's Word is timeless and for all people everywhere on the globe.


We are afforded the opportunity to reach out to those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn, teach and fellowship because, as of this writing, the Bible is banned in over 50 countries. Just being in possession of a Bible can mean a death sentence or long term imprisonment in many parts of the world. This is a diverse cultural experience in which we are given the opportunity to share with other Believers from all over the world.


We have an open door policy at God Is For Us. You can join anonymously, no personal identifying questions are ever asked, you can join with a first name only (for the sake of our members in persecuted nations) and our work is a work of love. Money will never be a criteria or required  of you to worship, fellowship, teach or learn. We are compensated in Spiritual Currency which is more stable and it is invested more wisely than any man made coinage. God has provided this, and countless other Christian sites, (especially in the 10/40 window) for His Work to be accomplished and we honor His Will. This is just one tool in His endless Spiritual Arsenal. We are able to reach people in isolated and persecuted areas. We are just one site in probably tens or hundreds of thousands of sites doing similar work...glory be to God, through Jesus! Thank You Holy Spirit (God on earth in Spiritual Form)!


All that is asked of you is a sincere love for God through Christ and that the site is treated with the same decorum worthy of any of God’s Temples.


We are a full featured online Christian Social site, more than that we are a family. You are invited to upload photos, videos and music. You can take a free Spiritual Gifts test anonymously, post blogs, prayer requests, and receive free Christian Life Counseling and discipleship (not Psychological counseling but direction on the Christians walk, your personal relationship with Father and how to build on it)

Our social membership is not huge, so you might not always find someone in chat but if you leave a comment below we will see to it that arrangements are made to meet your needs.


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please leave them in the 'Comments' box at the bottom of any page, our Administrators are automatically notified via email of this activity and will respond within a few minutes or hours, depending on traffic.


Please notice the blue letter tabs at the top of each page. They will take you to various features of the site. As a member you will have your own page wherein you can post photos, videos, music and there is a comment wall where you can send and receive messages to all of the other members. You do not have to be a member to view content but if you are a member you can also add content including the posting of Prayer Requests, Blogs, start Discussion Groups and a whole host of other activities--play around with the Tabs and go on your own Discovery Tour.


Please know that God Requires us to also fellowship at local congregations (whenever possible) with real, flesh and blood, hands on believers, who encourage one another and are accountable to others on a daily basis . Please pray that God will connect you with such a healthy local congregation in your area and He will do that...but we have to ask. If there are no Christian groups in your immediate area then pray for Father's wisdom, and that He equips you to start a house church--this is one of those prayers that He always grants, and has done so for over two thousand years.


“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations, and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:14). Please note that there are many Christians today who see the "end of times" only--the truth is that all of the "doom and gloom" spoken of in Scripture is for the bad guys. The "end times" are the end of this currently broken system of things. For the believers, it is a new beginning (Rev. 21:4). Whether through rapture or through some other supernatural means, Father promises to protect believers, just as He brought the Jews out of Egypt.

God Bless you and enjoy!

Phone Mark Diaz direct (U.S.) 406-298-0924

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Comment by Mildred on October 17, 2013 at 9:29pm
This mean a lot,thanks
Comment by pastor samuel kayemba on April 23, 2012 at 7:47am

God Bless you to stand up and do the will of God you have a great vision Pastor Mark be blessed in all you do hope to have you one day here in Uganda Amen.

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