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911 will soon be upon us again and every year I remember as many do where I was and what I was doing.  Here is a poem I wrote about that day the following december as I took my eldest daughter to school.

Daisies in December dec 2001

Winter have come and winters have gone some were very cold 
and some were a little warmer.
But this winter is different so far it hasn't been winter cold it has been so
warm that the flowers have been blooming!
I know this isn't very spectacular to most because
a lot of places have them blooming year round.

Around here the climate is usually to cold and the flowers are tucked
away in there beds. But this year there up late and showing there heads.
On 09-11-2001 so many of our flowers died and were taken from us.
And we thought what a cold senseless act it was that caused them to die.

I thought they would never come out again, but Christmas is here and people are traveling
and hurrying and shopping almost like they used to.
I took my daughter to school and the
air was a little nippy. When we got out of the truck we saw two daisies standing tall and

I said to my daughter look how nice God sent us daisies in December.
Life on Purpose Live it before you lose it! ©2009

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