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As A Man Thinks, So He Becomes...Garbage In, Garbage Out

There is virtually no debate that televisions, as well as all forms of media, including video games, have profound effects on human cognition and resultant behavior. If this was not so, the Television Industry, and its lucrative advertising revenues would not be a multi-billion dollar industry. According to USA Today Digital Services (1/3/2012) the average cost of just one 30 second Super Bowl Television spot on NBC was 3.5 million dollars. There is no doubt that TV content, and its…


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Verse Of The Day

" These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” (John 16:33 NKJV).

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Pray For Our Members in Pakistan

Please got to this link and pray for Shagufta's ministry as the Holy Spirit moves you: http://godisforus.ning.com/profile/Shagufta?xg_source=activity

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Attempt To Prevent Homosexuals From Receiving Christian Healing

This was emailed to me recently from the American Association of Christian Counselors                                            (http://www.aacc.net/about-us/)


Update on California Senate Bill 1172

Last Friday, December 21st, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals granted Liberty Counsel's…


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Should We Celebrate The Birth Of Christ?

There has been much confusion about celebrating Christmas--and this post is not designed to dissect all of the confusion--rather we simply state that the true origin of Christmas began, by Father, in Luke 2:1-21, when there was celebration, both in heaven and on earth on Jesus' birthday. It is no more complex than that. Father and the heavenly host, and the good shepherds--on earth, celebrated His birth--so do I  : )

Merry Christmas dear family.

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Afternoon Update...Shayla 12/21/2012

We just received this from Shayla's mother, Linda Shaw, 1:00pm U.S. Mountain Time:

"They think it may be the Paxil so they are weaning her off today...she can come Monday [go back to the hospital] if she is still sick..gave her a suppressant for pain...a numbing drug that is showing that  is working...thanks for all your prayers!!  I believe God is taking care of her"!

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Continued Prayer For Shayla

Shayla was released from the hospital in Tyler late yesterday but It looks like she may be heading back to the hospital. She has been very sick today--her family has called the Tyler Hospital for instructions. We know that God is in control. But please continue to pray.

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Prayer Request...John

We just received word from Connie that her friend John, in California, has progressive COPD--a lung disorder. His lungs are operating at about 40% capacity--his doctors say that he has about a year to live. We cannot count the number of times the doctors have been fooled by the power of the Holy Spirit. Please pray for him and his family for strength, Father's guidance for the medical staff, and for a supernatural showing that our God is the only True, Living God--above all, pray as the Holy…


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Update on Shayla...12/19/2012 am

Shayla got a fantastic night of sleep.. her blood work this morning shows a good amount of improvement and response to the antibiotics.. they are still doing antibiotics through IV today.. she can go home this evening.. they put her on pain meds, sleeping meds for the next two nights, bed rest, and Paxil for depression (low dose)..

Then they will see her in 8 days.  She is on antibiotics for the next 10 days at home. She is…


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Update on Shayla...Evening of 12/18/2012

Shayla is doing much better - her blood work looked better this afternoon! Still waiting on results of other tests. Thank You Jesus...and thank you prayer warriors!!!

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Update on Shayla - 12/18/2012

We received this email from Shayla's mother, Linda Shaw this morning:

"I [Linda] called and talked to the nurse’s station directly this morning.. they will call me with updates.. they are doing cat scans this morning on her kidneys and stomach.. they want to know of any blood disorders, kidney issues etc.  They are looking leukemia, etc. apparently but the nurses said that there is no reason for me to come back until they have some answers.  So they…


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Prayer Request...Continued Prayers For Shayla

Shayla is hospitalized with septic infection.. to her kidneys, liver.. having blood work, xrays etc.  in Tyler with the good doctor.. He said they should have caught this two days ago there.. she was sick all week and weekend but because of a storm could not get to Tyler when they said she should come.. its 60 miles roughly away.. now in hospital there..please pray for continued healing..its bad.. she is down to 109 lbs.. from 135..pray for God’s healing power!

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Elevated From the Pasture

Today's Prayer

O Lord, thank you for your wonderful promises! Though in this world, I face troubles, you have told me to take heart because you have overcome the world! (John 16:33 ). I am so relieved and thankful that through you, I am an overcomer. So, Lord, when I am overwhelmed or discouraged or faced by great challenges or tempted,…


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Prayer Request...Pastor Fiedler and family

Their oldest daughter Katie went into labor this morning with her first child:

Father God, through Jesus, we thank You for this new life about to spring forth as an addition to Your work - we praise You for the gift of our Christian family that strengthen us and encourage us in times of weakness - we pray that You give the medical staff Your inspiration, guide their thoughts and hands as they perform their jobs with Your excellence - we speak blessings into the life of this…


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Who Is Jesus?

I think this is the most beautiful and powerful rendition of who Jesus is that I have ever read. Follow this link for a most masterfully written, inspired, and anointed teaching on the subject of "Who Is Jesus": http://www.endtimerevivalministriespakistan.weebly.com/who-is-jesus-christ.html

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Praise Report Luca...Another Miracle!!!

We received this from Linda Shaw this morning:

As you know Luca was born with a defective ear.. certain hearing loss.. and had the tubes put in at 2 which is very unusual and rarely done because you have to put a child under for it..at the same time they took his adenoids out because he was constantly getting ear infection, throat infections, nasal infections etc. which also lead to more hearing  loss and damage.. and recently he has been picking at his…


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Global Warming Is God's Responsibility Alone

The subject of Global Warming is one which garners, for the enemy, a great deal of divisiveness within the Body of Christ and can be easily seen as human pride that has entered into the equation. Many Christians have forgotten that Father is the Ultimate Authority over planet earth. We are His stewards, but He is the One Who sustains (upholds) “…all things by the word of His power…” (Hebrews 1:3 NKJV). Being stewards of His creations (Gen.…


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Continued Prayers for Shayla

Shayla went to the Dr. to follow up with tests, they took blood and urine. Tests showed dehydration, anemia. She will be having a sonogram in the next few days for a lump in her stomach, possibly tumor or stones… liver and gallbladder issues will be checked… some jaundice. Whatever all this means…please continue your prayers and believing God is in control and healing her.

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