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Praise Report...Ruth Godsdaughter

Comment by Ruthgods daughter

I send praise to the father for healing me from many attacks by the enermy, brother mark would probably explain better the the experiece was beyond awesome and it was so beautiful praise you my Lord and my God..a question what are your thoughts on chastitiy rings I am considering wearing one to me it is th vow the the lord that I am staying celibate normally until you marry but odd as it sounds I feel the lord wants for me thing single life and wants me to…


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Prayer Request...Ruth Godsdaughter

This is a powerful prayer from sister Rurh. Please pray for her http://godisforus.ning.com/profile/Ruthgodsdaughter?xg_source=activityr :


All I ask for is healing I know the lord loves me I know that I have to walk to the lord, and trust and believe. I've been blessed by having a roof over my head, food clothing so many things I will be alone over Christmas I feel rejected my own daughter…


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Praise Report...Mark Diaz

Praise Report…Mark Diaz 12/11/2010


Well, right now I’m going into the ‘practice what I preach’ mode. My body temp is 103, I’m going between the chills and sweats which soaks my blankets. No doubt, this is double pneumonia.


I’m so weak that I can’t have a conversation…it hurts to hold the phone.


All that I know for certain is that any time the enemy throws a storm at a Christian…its because he knows that God has a Blessing on the horizon and the…


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Praise Report...Chip Fitzpatrick

My Grandson is back home now from the ER he went there because his temp was @ 104 he then reached 106 mind you the Lord had led me to put my hand upon his forehead and pray that the fever would leave him...after this simple prayer he went to the hospital and now he's back with his fever gone and to safe level @ 99...more of thee Lord and Thank you Father God for your word and your leading in this for your Glory Lord God Almighty for your glory Amen and Amen

This is what was done right…


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Dear Ruth And Others Going Through Trials

A very important element of faith is our 'resolve'...that UNYIELDING inner strength to submit to God's Will for us (1 Peter 5:5-6, James 4:7-10). To be true to our dedication and our word to God (Matt. 5:36-37, James 5:12) How do we gain the insight to know God's Will...His plan for us as individuals? Pray about it...ask Him constantly what it is He would have us do...then listen (John 8:47). Sometimes the answer comes directly like a light bulb flashing in our minds...sometimes it comes… Continue

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Fellowship With Him and One Another...Local Churches...In Person...Breaking Of Bread

5 lThis is the message which we have heard from Him and declare to you, that mGod is light and in Him is no darkness at all. 6…


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Dear Ruth Godsdaughter...A Prayer

Dear Ruthgods daughter: The link below is a prayer for you and anyone who is under attack from the enemy. The individual details of every life are unique…


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