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Prayer Request...Ruth

Ruthgods daughter


I would like to ask for prayer for healing i have astma and i have also a chest infection so im feeling quite ill. please pray for healing..ruthgoddaughter


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The Stages Of Life

This DB post is focused on Eric Erickson’s Eight Stages of Psychosocial Development as written about by Laura A. King in our textbook Experience Psychology (King, 2013, pp. 304-311), and how they relate to the eight worldview questions posed in Discussion Board Forum 1.


1) Where did we come from? Trust Versus Mistrust: This stage of life lasts from birth to about one and a half years. According to Erickson, who we are and who we become begins at birth, and progresses…


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Prayer Request Victoria May

Prayer Request  Victoria May

Please do pray for me this coming Monday about that legal issue to go ok and all will be smoothed over. There is nothing wrong just a tricky situation. Please also please pray for peace at home during this time.

So far the blood test appears to be ok,but still waiting to hear back from my father's doctor.

God bless you all. Vicki


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Part Of My Testimony...Mark Diaz

Dear family in Christ: I don’t often post work from school because usually the instructions are several pages long and unless the research text has been read by the reader, the paper would mean little as a Blog post. In this case, however, the instructions in this Psychology assignment are short and the subject is universal, and it is part of my personal testimony, so I hope this paper might help some who may be going through difficult times.




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You Tube Series...How To You Tube

We are setting up this tab in order to teach our members how to use You Tube as a powerful tool for Father's Work. This first video assumes you already have a You Tube account. It takes you step by step on the technical upload side. It is very well presented, and easy, (even for technically challenged like me), to understand. Here is the link:…


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Prayer Request...Praise Report...Gail Christie

Please pray for Gail Christie: I spoke to her earlier this evening. She was at a restaurant and her right hand and arm (up to her elbow) has been severely injured, some how, by a heavy door. There are no broken bones, thank God, but her right wrist bones have basically been re-arranged, temporarily, and the nerves all of the way up to her right elbow are very angry; lots of pain, severe bruising, and her wrist bones need healing as they return to normal. Please expedite the Holy Spirit's…


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Praise Report…Prayer Request…Gail Christie

As many of you may remember, recently Gail Christie’s right arm from her wrist to her elbow was injured. She faithfully claimed that through this accident, something good for God’s Work will come of this. Well she is on a mission! Her arm is healing well and she is on the road, by invitation, to help fan the flames of revival in an area a couple hours’ drive from her home! She has been praying for specific guidance for this mission and through a set of unlikely “coincidences” our Lord has…


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Prayer Request Vicki May:

Comment by Victoria May

Dear Group;

I ask prayers for my elderly father's blood test, that all will go well and will come back with good reports. This Tuesday.

Secondly, please pray for me and the family on the coming 9th of September in regard to a legal issue,that Jesus and angels will step in and help and smooth the situation over. I am in no trouble or anything like that but we really need this to be…


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