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Update On Gayla

Vickie Warren posted this update earlier today:

Good morning everyone:


I just spoke with Kristi regarding Gayla and  plans are being made to move her to a new facility. 


With the MRSA meds that she has been receiving, hospital policy does not permit her to be moved until there has been 10 days of treatment. Please pray that this is eradicated, so that she can be moved to a facility where continuing therapy, a communicative nursing staff, and other…


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Church Of His Prescence Services In 2 Hours

Bay Of The Holy Spirit Revival (Church Of His Prescence Services) begin live in 2 hours. http://bayoftheholyspiritrevival.com/ I will not be watching today, I am attending at a local congregation but I will be back to our website after the local services if you would like to discuss this morning's services. God Bless you all!!!

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Prayer: Lilly Dutton

lilly elizabeth dutton

What a beautiful sunny day, and his blessing upon us. May we never forget what his love means to us. Help us always to show God's love in everything we do, through our physical actions and with our verbal voice. Let us speak with tenderness and compassion. In Messiah Love, Lilly Dutton 

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Praise/Prayer...Victoria May

Victoria May

One praise report my father's surgery went well,please pray for healing and peace. I ask prayer for my computer to survive through the middle of next month so  I will not have to get another one and the ailments I have with it will cease so that I won't have to buy one right now,I don't have the finances to get one right now.


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Prayer Request...Shynu Varughese

Shynu Varughese

Praise God. We will be travelling to India on 7th august for vacation. First time we are travelling as a family from Bahrain. If Lord willing, we will be back on 7th Sept,2011. Please hold us in prayer for safe travel and stay there. Secondly, church meetings are organised by my friends in India. There is a great harvest in India in-spite of opposition from…


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Update /Gayla...updated by Vickie Warren

Kristi (Gayla's youngest daughter) has called this afternoon with an update on Gayla.  She is doing better, and they were able to remove the cooling blanket today.  After warming up some, she has become more responsive to her family and is talking more. 


The test results are back and Kristi asked me to share it with you, asking that you pray for her Mom.

Gayla has been diagnosed with MRSA, a staph infection.  The family asks prayer for the healing of this problem and…


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Praise Report/Prayer Request...Gayla


Kristi ( Gayla's daughter) called a few minutes ago to praise God with us for answered prayer.


Gayla's temp is down to a 100.3--this is such a great improvement.  And in my mind's eye, I can see all of you doing little "hallelujah parties"  for all SoE members.  Where ever you are, God is to be praised and glorified for helping with this. 


According to Kristi, the doctor's say that these spikes in temps happen…


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Praise Report/Prayer...Gayla

Vickie Warren reports tha Gayla's fever has gone down from 106 to 100.5 F. Job is one example of a progressive healing. Please continue to pray for Gayla.

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Update Gayla

Kristi called a few minutes ago making a special request. 


Gayla has been fighting a rising temp that is not being brought under control.  She is on antibiotics and she is on a cooling blanket.  According to Kristi, she asking for help from anyone who comes into the room.  She is being kept cold.  Cold conditions aggravate the cervical dystonia.   We are asking for more help from our Father God. 


Kristi says that she is shivering but her head remains hot and…


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Prayer Request...Gayla

This was posted on Spirit of Elijah by Vickie Warren this morning:

We have gotten word from the family tonight that Gayla's temperature is still rising.  Let us pray that God will bring this temp under control and locate any infection.  It was said to be 106 degrees.  We know that this does not need to stay this way. 


Father, we speak to you asking for you to intervene and bring the infection under control and cause the temperature to return to normal.  We thank you…


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Prayer Request For Gayla posted by Vickie Warren


Good morning everyone. 


Praise the Lord for a beautiful morning.


We have received word from Gayla's family today regarding some fever that she is having.  It is a temperature of about 100 degrees; it is accompanied by a lack of interest in communicating with everyone, plus she has no interest in food.  We all know that this cannot go on.


She is still able to take her medicine by mouth and her heparin…


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Bay Of The Holy Spirit Revival, Live

In progress live, now: www.bayoftheholyspiritrevival.com

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Prayer Request...Lilly Dutton

lilly elizabeth dutton Shalom, I will be having surgery on Monday morning on July 18, I would like your prayer for this surgery. Thanks, Lilly

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Praise Report...Candace Smith

Candace E Smith

I want to praise God for taking care of my youngest girl she was 11yrs. old and her and my niece was crossing the big street to get some ice cream and a car came around the corner and hit both of them and thew chrissie 30 feet and she had brused brainn and all bruise all over her body. I thank God she did'nt break any thing but she had to be taking to another hosp. and she was there for a…


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Blessings...A Step Beyond and In Addition To Prayer

For anyone who is suffering from marital strife, problems at work or any other Spiritual warfare please listen to the Scriptural teaching in the following links. Beginnibg in Chapter 33 of the book, Kerry Kirkwood specifically teaches on marital strife, problems at work and other practical applications regarding this subject. This is such an important subject that we have included 3 additional chapters by John Kilpatrick on the power in Blessing. I cannot overstate the importance of…


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Prayer Request...Victoria May

Victoria May

Time sensitive.

Please pray for peace at home free from any outbursts,threats,all verbal but still need the prayer,please pray a covering over the house,the blood over us.

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