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Prayer Requests...Laura And Joyce Griffith

Please pray for Laura and her mother Joyce. Laura has a tooth cavity that might require a root canal. Her mother Joyce recently had stomach surgery that was successful but she is still adjusting and having problems, from time to time, digesting her food. Please pray as the Holy Spirit moves you.

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Praise Report...Candace Smith

 Candace E Smith 

I want to thank God for healing my knee,it was hurting for 2 mo. and i just stood on his word and now I can kneel on it thank u Lord no pain. Also please pray a Blessing over my daughter Chrissie. She is due to go into labor and delivery any time now. My Grand Daughter's name will be Leann Nicole. Praise You Father! 

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Praise Report...Susie Wells

Susie Woods Wells 


Thank You Jesus for saving my soul. Jesus has made my life worth living, Praise Jesus, King of King, Lord of Lords, The Most High God. You have caused my eyes to see Jesus. Praise Your Holy name.

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Praise Report...Victoria May

Victoria May

Thank you and many praises,the 14th,the Lord stepped in the situation and smoothed it all out as only he can do.

Continued prayers for peace and His Manifestation in the home these next couple weeks and to be surround by His hedge and blood.Thank each of you and blessings and prayers for…


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Prayer Request...Chip and Kim Fitzpatrick

My Dearest brother Mark, After kicking the enemy around yesterday and chatting with friends and family on aag and job searching I returned home to find my phone has been shut off......Kims tummy is still sore but I know that God heard us and since we have prayed again concerning her....I informed her that maybe quite frankly she is gonna recieve a progressive healing.....Ill tell you  the last 12 hours have been just a test of faith. Id call you on our cell but we have only 34 minutes till it… Continue

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Prayer Request: Sister Diane (Revelation 21:4)

From Diane Forth-Eglon to Unity In The Body…

Sent May 7

Thank you.  I hope you are well this morning/afternoon - I am not sure of the time zone.  Its almost 9am here in the UK.  Just getting ready to leave to my Charity Shop (thrift shop) where they raise money for research into heart disease. 


Please can I ask you, if you don't mind, to pray for my…


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Prayer Request...Victoria May

Victoria May
just a reminder to keep my father's doctor's appointment in your prayers that there will be wisdom and the doctor will advise my elderly father as he has before about thsi surgery issue with my father,please pray for Jesus and angels to be there Friday morning.

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Prayer Request...Brian

Laura Griffith
Brian Got his test results back. please keep praying. They found new cancer cells around his ribs and one of the lymphnodes.

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Praise Report...Sister Dorothy in Malta


4 weeks ago i was frightened and trembling as i was about to be operated.Today im a different person.I grateful and thankful to God. A person who did the same operation as myself was diagnosed with cancer after surgery. My friend's sister was in the room next to mine in hospital also with cancer.My nieghbour in hospital from a serious car…


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Prayer Request...Victoria May

 Victoria May 

I ask prayer for my elderly father's doctor's appointment this coming Friday will go ok,also for a smooth resolution to an issue this May 14th here..thank you and blessings..






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