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Prayer Request...Brian

Brian will be tested this Friday morning to determine if he needs more chemo-therapy. Please pray for a complete healing.

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Prayer Request...Gail Christie


Please keep my family and I in prayer, especially me right now; for guidance from Jesus & The Holy Spirit.  And, that I continue to remain calm.  Pray for a smooth transition.


Also, pray for the folks in the south that have been devasted by a storm!  I pray that resuce crews be able to access those in need of rescue, water, food,…


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Cries Of The Cities...A Desperate Plea For Revival In The Northwest United States

Cries Of The Cities…A Desperate Call

(1 Samuel 5:12, 1 Samuel 9:16, Jeremiah 14:2, Gen. 4:10, Gen. 19:13, Jeremiah 51:52-56).


Below is the original Blog Post. We have received credible prophetic confirmation that on June 13, 2011, the day after Pentecost, a significant earthquake will occur on the Pacific Coast shores of the United States and into Canada. Please pray for the Northwest United States. This event will most likely impact San Diego Harbor,…


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Bay Of The Holy Spirit Revival

Next live event in about 6 1/2 hours...click this link to attend www.bayoftheholyspiritrevival.com

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Prayer Request...Dennis Taddicken

I spoke to Dennis on the phone today. Please pray for his brother who has been diagnosed with 'mesophilioma' (a form of lung cancer). Father knows all the details...pray, through Jesus, as the Holy Spirit moves you. Love in Christ...mark

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Prayer Request...Sister Dorothy Hooks

We spoke to sister Dorothy early this Sunday morning. She had been admitted to the hospital the night before with shortness of breath and chest pains. The Drs. thought that she might have blood clots in her lungs. The tests came out negative for this condition. She will be undergoing further tests today. We prayed on the phone and she asked me to put out a Prayer Request this morning. Please pray as the Holy Spirit moves you.…


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Praise Report...Sister Dorothy


Thank You Abba


It was on a wednesday of 15 days ago I was told by the specialist that i need to do a hysterectomy . He asked me if i can do it privately cause it needed emediate attention and when both me and my husband accepted he told me next wednesday you will do the operation. That week was the worse of my life as i was bleeding from 3 places. I was terrified to go for the operaton as i…


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Children And Miracles...Must See Video!!!

Friends, this is God in ACTION!!! This is the way it is supposed to be!!! http://www.cbn.com/media/player/index.aspx?s=/mp4/ITS20v1_WS 

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Prayer Requests...Laura Griffith

Please pray God's Guidence for Pastor Wellington. Father is working in him to go to the next level in his Ministry.

Also please pray for Laura's sister-in-law. Lisa will be going in to surgery around the end of May for carpel tunnel syndrome. She is 17 years old. Lisa's surgeon said that this is the worst case he has ever seen in a young person.

In all cases, pray as you are led by the Holy Spirit.

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Prayer Request...Fran Perry

Please pray for two of my children in my foundation who had a car accident on monday evening for God's healing power to be manifested. their condition is very bad as of now.

Father God, through Jesus, give Fran the inspiration and strength to stand against the enemy in this situation. Father, as a witness to Your Name we pray a miracle for these…


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Prayer Request...More Malaria To Pray Against!

Laura Griffith

Please pray for my friend Joy Andrews and my self. She got sick over the weekend and I had a really bad night lastnight and woke up sick. I dont know if its the flu or my malaria kicking back up. Thanks and God bless. Laura.
* Editor's Note: Joy is another Missionary who was in the Dominican Republic…

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Prayer Request...Victoria May

 Victoria May

I ask prayer for a tax issue,that the advice/information I received is correct and that there will be no repercussion from this matter.I ask prayer for divine help with this.

God bless you all

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Niomi...Our Little sister in Christ...Twice Adopted


Please pray for Laura and her missinary team and little Naomi that God continues His Powerful Work in them and through them. This is an update of the original blog (added below). Espescially keep Laura and Joe in prayer for healing. They both contracted malaria while on the Mission.… Continue

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Praise Report...Gail



Praise report...


I bought brand new tires last year, had problems with them from the get go.  I knew there was something wrong with them, but the dealer was telling me I bought cheap tires...hum...I bought the tires from them!  Having said that, a year later they just today replaced them with 4 brand new top of the line Pirelli tires, and gave me a $30 off of…


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Prayer Request...Gail Christie


Thank you Heavenly Father for the healings that are occurring in answer to prayers.  Praise the Lord! 


Please pray the I am able to obtain an unconventional loan to immediately purchase a home for my daughter and I, part of it will be used for the ministry. Need a miracle as I have to move in less than 20 days!  Also pray that my daughter's arm, wrist and back be…


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Prayer Request...Brian

Please continue to pray for Brian and Rosie...Brian continues his battle with pulminary cancer. He has had many ups and downs for over a year now...he was admitted to the hospital tonight with a fever of 104 degrees F. Pray as the Holy Spirit moves you. Love in Christ.

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Prayer Request/Praise Report...Laura Griffith

I just got off the phone with Laura. We spent a great deal of time in Scriptural prayer...She had to go to the emergency room recently, as you may know, Laura just returned from a Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic.

The Drs. here in the US did blood work to see if she had contracted malaria. The tsets came back positive for traces of malaria. We are Scripturally claiming that the traces are gone, her blood is clean and free of all traces of any disease because of Jesus' Blood and…


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Prayer Request...Gail Christie

Please pray for Gail...she began with a soar throat Friday night...today (Sunday April 3) the pain has spread to her upper resperatory area.

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Please Note: Changes at our website.

God has blessed our little website in so many ways...He has provided us, freely and in abundance, with all the tools, software, hardware and education on how to use those tools.

Recently He has drawn many authorities on 'sexual brokenness', healers and Ministers/Disciples of Christ to this website. People such as Minister Thom Hunter who has written an inspired book regarding sexual brokenness. Gail Christie, who is moved by Father to write her amazing testimony, as an inspirational…


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