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Prayer Vigil...Gail Christie

Please keep Gail in your prayers; in your prayer chains,and prayer groups. It is about her heart. The Holy Spirit knows all of the details. I will be on the site for the next 12 hours for anyone who wants a prayer partner--or you can call me: (U.S.) 406-298-0924. Above all, pray as the Holy Spirit, only through Jesus, guides you (Romans 8:26-31).


Mark Diaz

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Prayer Request...Stacey

Please pray, as the Holy Spirit leads you (Romans 8:26-31), for Father's precious daughter Stacey. We do not know the details, but the Holy Spirit does. Pray that Father visits her, comforts her, and guides her. Pray that her heart will be open to receiving His wisdom, His strength, courage, safety, provision, and protection. We all need Him, and each other. Thank you who have counseled with Stacey. We love to see one another blossom as God works in us, through our best Friend Jesus. Pray…


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Faith Is...


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Update...Gail Christie

We have received word that Gail did not go to the hospital, and she is resting. Please continue to pray for her and rebuke the enemy who is the cause of stress in this currently broken world. Also please pray, as the Holy Spirit moves you, for Gail's family, specifically her mother, daughter and members of her extended family; specifically an elderly brother named Emmanuel.

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Prayer fo Gail Christie

We don't have many details but Father does...please pray for Gail Christie, she was having chest pains earlier, was thinking about taking a nitro-glycerine pill. It is believed that she has been taken to the hospital--will post updates as we can. Please pray for Gail as the Holy Spirit moves you.

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Praise Report...Shynu

This began as a Prayer Request for Shynu's wife. Timing was such that I had my phone off all day. When I checked my phone there was a voice mail from Shynu that his wife was in labor so I was about to put up a Prayer Request when I saw the following message from him: "Praise God bro,God gave me a baby boy. Mother and child are fine by God's grace". WOO HOO! Now little Sarah has a little brother to tease : ) Thank You Lord!!!

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Prayer Request...Tim

Dear family: Please take the following letter to heart, and in prayer. It is self explanatory:

Dear Pastor Jim: Thank you for our time together today. I hope it becomes a weekly occurrence that we meet to discuss the Word. Something happened after you dropped me off that I am compelled to relate to you: The bottom line is that if you get your prayer team together and visit with Tim, he…


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Roy Fields Interview

Click on this link for Roy Fields' interview with Sid Roth:


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Reminder: Bay Revival In less Than 1 Day

Revival Reunion in Alabama

Friday, March 8, 2013 | 7:00 PM | Mobile Convention Center Mobile, Alabama 36602  USA

Join us for a historic night of Revival with Pastor John Kilpatrick, Evangelist Steve Hill, Evangelist Nathan Morris and Worship Leaders Lindell Cooley and Lydia Stanley Marrow.

Live webcast; Friday, March 8th @ 7PM


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