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Prayer Vigil...Chuck

We will be holding a Prayer Vigil for Chuck beginning now. God put it very strongly on me that if we do our part, He will do His. We will be in the chat room constantly (as much as humanly possible) to thank God and praise Him (Psalm 100:4) in advance for the work He is doing in and for Chuck and all of us. The original Prayer Request is posted below:

This Prayer Request came from Lisa Diggs. Chuck is a 29 year old Christian man who lives in Greenville PA. His mother shares an office…


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Forgiveness...A Personal Testimony

This was a writing assignment in my Christian discipleship class.. The theme was “”Have you ever experienced a situation where forgiveness was too difficult to grasp or apply (personally or via a close friend or family member)? Describe the situation in terms with which you are comfortable (without breaking confidences)". This is what I wrote:


A personal lesson in failure to forgive:

         One day I received a loud, desperate knock at my door. I answered it and the…


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Continue To Pray For Ruth

Hi brother Mark I'm still coughing I guess it will take time, I have to resist the temptation to say to the lord to Hurry and Heal me., I am hoping that book will come today [Dr. Caroline Leaf's Book--Who Stole My Brain--About toxic Thoughts]. Please pray for deliverance from smoking I am trying to quit but I need the cravings to go. Thank u Ruth > Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2012 

Reply From: God Is For Us:

To: Ruthgods daughter : Yes, it will take time dear sister, but you keep…


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Prayer/Fasting a school assignment

         The assignment was to write about "What routines (disciplines) do you find most helpful in strengthening your connection with God"? So this is what I wrote:

         I have two basic spiritual disciplines (routines): (1) Prayer—continually—in all matters and as the Holy Spirit moves me. (2) Fasting,occasionally, always as the Spirit moves me and in conjunction with prayer. Each of these two disciplines have numerous sub-categories i.e. Scripturally there are…


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In Luke 11:1 Jesus' disciples asked, "Lord, teach us to pray." Christians need to pray.

The purpose of this very brief study is to help Christians improve in prayer. Some Christians do not pray at all. All of us can improve in this aspect of worship. If we are not sure how to pray then simply practice. Romans 8:26-27 tells us that the Holy Spirit will guide us, He will intercede for us and teach us, so do not be discouraged--just give it unceasing…


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Romans 8:24-31 A classroom assignment

         This is a paper that I was assigned to write in one of my classes this week. It is a study of Romans 8:24-31. It was supposed to be 450 words and ended up being 1510 words lol--I hope that I don't loose any points because of the length but it is such a fascinating piece of Scripture and there is so much to be learned that I couldn't resist doing a more in depth study (you know how preachers can be lol) Our assignment was to garner the Biblical principles and apply them to our time.…


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Prayer Request...Chuck

This Prayer Request came from Lisa Diggs. Chuck is a 29 year old Christian man who lives in Greenville PA. His mother shares an office with Lisa at their church. The single car accident occurred Friday January 27, 2012 in Hermitage PA. Chuck sustained serious, life threatening injuries--he has had had brain surgery twice, his skull was severely fractured. Additionally he suffers from a fractured spine (in two places) broken ribs, punctured lungs...please pray for complete,…


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Prayer Request...Lilly

Lilly's  friend's sister Diane passed away in her sleep last night. There has been a lot of grief in the family lately. Diane's daughter passed away about a month ago. Please pray for comfort for the family and extended family, pray for hope and comfort...pray as the Holy Spirit guides you.

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Praise Report...Ruth Godsdaughter

At 3:50 pm Ruth Godsdaughter sent us this message. Her computer is down but she was able to access messages (not chat) through her cell phone. There were several people in chat during this time pouring out love and compassion for her and thanks and praise to God (Psalm 100:4) We know that when compassion goes out, virtue comes in. The Joyce Meyers interview with Dr. Caroline Leaf is one in a series of 5 interviews about ‘toxic thoughts’ and the impact of them on our health. The Lord said to…


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Dr. Caroline Leaf/Joyce Meyer Interview...Medical Science Is Finally Catching Up With God Pt 1

Click here for audio. This is a MUST hear. GBU all: Playback: http://godisforus.sermon.net/da/119810705/play

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Prayer Vigil...Ruth Godsdaughter

We will be holding a 24 hour per day Prayer Vigil for Ruth Godsdaughter beginning now. I'll be at the board 24 hrs per day (the best I can) until she has a break through. Please join us on the site as you can. Put her Prayer Request in your prayer chains and keep her in your personal prayers. This is her post:

Posted by Ruthgods daughter…


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Prayer Request...Joe Jones

Joe has been a good friend of mine for many years. He was one of my prime building contractors when I lived in Georgia. Joe is a good example of a Christian man who has been 'de-churched' by too much religion (legalism) and not enough Christianity in his life (so far). Joe lost David, his 27 year old son, in a fatal car wreck over the Christmas holidays. I just found out today. Joe and I prayed and cried together--David was also a dear friend of mine, and still is in the Spirit. The last…


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Praise Report...Mark Diaz

Dear family: I want to thank all of you who have prayed with and for me regarding my studies at Liberty University. Those of you who know me best know that I carry a special, personal burden (hammah burden, a burden of pride in one's self that can seperate us from Father) and conviction against pride. Because of my prideful (not egotistical) attitudes prior to commiting myself to full time service to our Lord, I failed to give Him all of the credit (glory) for my secular accomplishments in…


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Prayer Request...Seriously Misled Sister

Dear Family;

I know a dear child of God, a sweeter spirit you will never meet. She has been deceived into believing 4 lies, each alone would have serious, negative consequences in her life.

Lie #1:. God wants her to be ill.

Lie #2:. God wants her to be ill so she will be an example of someone who can bear the burdens of brokenness so that others will somehow see that He is God..

Lie #3: It is against God’s Will for her to pray for healing from…


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Dear Friends of Lilly

For the audio  version of this letter, click here: http://godisforus.sermon.net/da/119800793/play

Dear Friends of Lilly:


         The moment I received a phone call from Lilly’s family and friends in Bowling Green Kentucky telling me that Lilly was about to go into surgery and it looked grave, God began to give me a series of very clear visions about what He…


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Praise Report...Lilly

After a series of miracles (acknowledged as such by the medical staff)...Lilly was released from the hospital and is at her home now. Just a few days ago they said she would be in the hospital at least a month and then probably have to go to a facility for rehabilitation for an extended period of time...thank You Father God!!! Our God is a FAITHFUL KING!!!

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ABC News Medical Report...Speaking In Tongues

This subject is near and dear to my heart as I am just now beginning to study Neuroscience and its Scriptural application--science is just now catching up with God's design. YouTube Video Link:

ABC NEWS – Medical study, Speaking in tongues: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=NZbQBa...

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Awesome New Worship Tune!

For the audio of this message, click here: : http://godisforus.sermon.net/da/119797591/play


Hey everyone, this is Mark Diaz---I would like to introduce you to Andrew Southwick. Andrew is one of my classmates in a Bible class at Liberty University. Andrew is 32, married 8 years and has 2 boys.

Andrew is a worship leader at a church just outside Seattle,…


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