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How often do we feel anxious beyond comprehension… overwhelmed…or feel like there is no way everything can be accomplished? Especially when it comes to doing God’s Work. It certainly is not God giving us those feelings…those thoughts of despair…and we know who the god of confusion is. If it isn’t coming from God…it is coming from the enemy. God’s love and my brotherly love…mark

Philippians 4:6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with  thanksgiving,… Continue

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COFFEE AND CRITTERS a poem by mark diaz

The smell of coffee brewing
The toaster full of bread
Kitty tails straight up they stand
Demanding they be fed

They follow you and speak their peace
Last night was long in play
Poor little kitty cats
Their job’s to hunt today

But first they must have their time
It’ a social thing
Their Mom has to feed them
She’ll baby talk and sing

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LIFETIMES WITH GOD a poem by mark diaz


Pensive, inward, reaching thoughts

Quietly seeking truth

Calmly face who I’ve been

So many since my youth

Lifetimes came and bloomed and withered

To blossom one more time

People came and stayed and left

Their choice as well as mine

There was that One who always stayed

Because of deepest trust

Knowing that He knew me

Accepting what I must

Another chance to watch me grow

His love… Continue

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COURTSHIP AND BEYOND a poem by mark diaz

The spiritual gifts you gave us God

Are the foundations of our trusts

We worship You and You alone

We grieve You not in lusts

Many people places and things there are

Temptations there will be

Distractions from the greatest thief

To steal eternity

Please guide us God as we go

On the path You have set

Our Spiritual love for us to share

For us to ‘ner forget

In our journey as a couple

As mates in service to… Continue

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A WRITER The compulsion of a writer a poem by mark diaz

A writer creates images, emotions evoke

Answers to questions, thoughts that must provoke

Dilemmas that are worked out, problems of the mind

Light cast on the darkness, sight to the blind

A writer is an artist, to the thinking ones

Driven by his own thirst, inspiration as it comes

A chef must be a taster, a pilot must fly

A farmer has to plow the fields, a writer tastes of life

The bitter bile, the honey sweet

Laughter’s harm,… Continue

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A CHILD'S EYES WATCHING how we adults mold children a poem by mark diaz

There are no drugs, no food or drink

Nothing to drive or wear or think

That makes you feel like when you child

With outstretched arms and a trusting smile

Says “I love you and I need you near

Mold my life and show you care

Teach me with all you know

So like your life, mine will grow

For like you I want to be

Out of love you created me

And gave the most precious gift

A chance at life to never drift

I’ll fly along a… Continue

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STORM BEFORE THE CALM a child's broken life a poem by mark diaz

A child who is neglected

Abandoned and abused

Never knows a conscience

Goes through life confused

Lust and love become the same

Surviving is their key

They will do anything

Lacking family

Escape in drugs to forget

Times of profound pain

Buried deep subconsciously

Life becomes a game

Hurt so bad by others

They need to do the same

To the ones closest

They rage not knowing shame

And then remorse… Continue

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RESULTS a poem about children caught in divorce by mark diaz


Ex-Husbands and ex-wives do not ex-parents make

A case of two people paying for mistakes

Shame lies in the children’s fate

To loose someone who cannot be replaced

Out of their lives someone is forced

Not for an ideal but for a divorce

Selfish reasons, hurt and pain

Vindictive nature seeks to gain

Harm done, no child’s to blame

Yet little hearts ache the same

Twisted winds pelt and fray

And blow the precious… Continue

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YOU AND I a poem to my son Joe by mark diaz


Where do flowers go Dad

When they blow away

Do they ever find a home

Do they ever stay

Are we like flowers Dad

Do we blow away

Are we here for just a time

And then no longer play

Why do we grow old Dad

Why does life grow dim

Why do people die Dad

Why does our time grow thin

Flowers subject to the wind son

Humans to their will

Our winds blow long and hard son

Or weak and nearly… Continue

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ETERNITY a poem for my daughter Donna by mark diaz


How long will you love me Dad

Until I’m grown and tall

And if I have babies

Will you love them all

I’ll love you always darling

All your babies too

There aren’t nearly enough stars

To count my love for you

And if I cry will you hold me

And laugh the tears away

Long after all my years have passed

Even more than I do today

And when I find another man

Who loves me as much as… Continue

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GENTLE CHARISMA A BLESSED WOMAN poem for a woman in my future by mark diaz



Basic, simple elegance

Powerful loving smiles

Gentle, passionate child of God

Radiance for miles

Sometimes like an orchid

Elegant and soft and strong

She weathers life’s challenges

In trees she sings her song

Sometimes like an Eagle

She soars on God’s wings

Her vision set for many miles

From Heaven down to streams

Sometimes like a baby chick

She needs to feel… Continue

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THE WORLD COMPLETE a poem to my children by mark diaz


(A song to my children)

Dust flies up, looks like smoke

Engines blast, behind the cockpit’s load

Your little feet make you fly

On the playground sand time goes by

Sounds you make rolls and turns

You grow so fast a parent learns

The joys of life

Through the children’s turns

Precious few are the years we have

Each moment close, none are sad

No one knows the value there

Only a parent’s heart can… Continue

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She carried me in the womb

And brought me to this world

Later in her arms I slept

Safely there I curled

As I grew she carried me

In her thoughts and heart as well

The world came to my feet

Many times I rose and fell

Blown apart by circumstance

Our touch at times grew thin

But we touch each other’s lives

A love that’s never dim

A parent’s love finds its base

In selfless attitude

They give their… Continue

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9 “And I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, commits adultery; and whoever marries her who is divorced commits adultery.”(Mathew 19:9)

The question of Scriptural divorce came up recently in chat. The context of the above Scripture was that the Pharisees were trying to trap Jesus regarding the Old Mosaic Law. We know that Jesus came to fulfill that Law and begin a New Covenant with man.

The… Continue

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I want you as my friend at first

And learn to make you laugh

Build a strong foundation of trust

Together draw a map

See you through many cycles’ times

In higher ones and lows

See you when you’re not at your best

Learning to make you glow

I’ll be your friend and let you be

Your truest self always

I won’t look for the black and white

No right or wrong just gray

You can be who you are

And if we are a match

We… Continue

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Prayer Request Crystal Marie Mason

Please friends and prayer Partners world-wide...we are broadcasting this request over all our Christian net works. As many of you know Crystal's grandmother has been having health problems. She had to go to the hospital today...heart problems...she might need a pace maker.

Many of us were in prayer, in chat, for her this evening. The Holy spirit filled our minds, hearts and souls...thank You father God!

Please pray for inspiration from God for the Doctors and medical staff...modern… Continue

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Prayer for this Christian site

Thank You Father for this small but rapidly growing part of The Body of Christ...His Church...His Bride...His Family...us.

All of us.

All of us in little groups, connected world-wide...at near the speed of light...Christians to Hallowed Your name...To each of us You give the opportunity to know You as the Ultimate, perfect Parent.

18 Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.… Continue

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Please Leave any questions or comments here, they are checked through out the day.

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